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Skipper Coming Onto The Field | Ms Dhoni Best Funny Movements - At Up-Tube.com

Skipper coming onto the field MS Dhoni Best Funny Movements 2 days ago   03:51

On MPL presents #CricbuzzLIVE, Harsha Bhogle, Michael Vaughan and Simon Doull talk about the dodgy umpiring standards in the game between Rajasthan and Chennai, while sharing their thoughts on MS Dhoni’s decision to walk back onto the pitch

#MSDhoni #BenStokes

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Comments 638 Comments

Pocket Dynamits
If these 3 in that situation what they will do😏.. I always Respect Mahi because he shown his love towards each match no matter.. MSD takes each match with that much sincerity.. So that emotion picked up..There is not too much to criticise
Palani Ragavesh
Yes Mr.Vaughan...this is India for you... If we like someone we will support him no matter what...if anyone other than dhoni had done this they would have created a ruckus..but dhoni can do anything in india break rules,break the umpires or even suspend a match because it's thala DHONI.. .thats the beauty of India we blindly support our leaders whether it's sport or politics..its a mass maniac mentality..YOU ARE YET TO WITNESS ANOTHER POLITICAL LEADER FROM SPORT just like Pakistan.
Karhthik thambiraj
yes you are right vaughan... then what about the stupid umpire decision ????
Rishi Talks
Did Michael Vaugh play IPL , which team ?
srikanth s
Chris Gaffaney is best umpire currently for me above dharmasena and erasmus...I wonder how these 2 got ICC shepherd award ahead of chris Gaffaney in last 2 years...coming to indian elite panel umpire, we have only one S Ravi who is just average even in international matches and below average in this year IPL..I saw Anil Chaudary made few good decisions..Though nandan struggled in this IPL, saw him done well in some of the international matches..why umpires like Shamshuddin is being promoted by BCCI ahead of Anil chaudary and nandan....For me, Shamshuddin, nitin menon and vineet kulkarani are not best...As S Ravi already made it to ICC elite panel, he really has to work on his decisions and judgements...
It was a low moment in Dhonis carrier. I dont like what kohli said after umpire missing no ball as well. In India too much preferential treatment for actors, politicians n cricketes. Dhoni should have banned for one game. U cant go in to field and question umpires that reduces their power to control. Sachin in that regard is cut above all. He always respected the game.
To be frank this IPL 2019 is showing quite a few wierd and lowest standards ..by players umpires and teams!
justin onyx
Dhoni is a boss ...all the ppl in the comment section get over it guys!!
Rajendra Rajasingam
First we must answer two questions.
Whether leg-umpire has the authority to overrule a decision already made?
Whether an umpire has the authority to change his decision already made without consulting the third umpire?
If they have no authority their acts are illegal. How can you deal with illegal acts. Everyone has the right to prevent an illegal act in a peaceful manner specifically when the victim asked for help. Cricket is no exception. That is law. Any one who encourages illegal acts should.......! What will happen if the players are hurt by illegal Bowling
Hameed Aslam
Sry , MSD can
We support MSD 😎😎😎
Previous ball was also no-ball
And shit this is not gully cricket

Its said skipper coming to ground not allowed ,then change your umpires who doesnt know of cricket ,not only with IPL there are many circumstances where Dhoni has used DRS before,shame on umpires to not providing no ball even after watching highlights of the delivery ,
Sajjad Hashmi
Umpires were totally wrong
Sajjad Hashmi
Dhoni 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% right
vivek daiya
No Matter What Some of the Illogical Indians think, who dont exactly know the meaning of Patriotism, Dhoni and Ashwin were both wrong in their respective cases. Not mentioning Umpires here but they were wrong too, my point is that you aren't allowed to just step out of the Boundary for a mere IPL match. We all Love MSD for his supercool nature and he should really feel sorry for this stupid act of nonsense. As big a star he is, he should come out in open and say that what he did that night was totally wrong and out of his character. We as a spectator cannot just decide Who's right ot wrong based on their country or popularity.
Gayathri muthupandian
People who are completely blaming Msd are just jealous of his success, why the umpires didn't get fine or suspension? , now all are just targeting the fact that Msd came to the field,? He just human like us, he had every right to get angry on that moment, people who really saw the match know the reason.
Prabhu Jayaramakrishnan
For all those who suggest Umpire is wrong but not dhoni, it's partially right. Umpire's call was wrong but what Dhoni did was also wrong.. You cannot justify a wrong doing saying like the other person also did it. Dhoni can question the umpire but not on the ground.. Kohli did it correctly by raising it to match officials. That's what Dhoni should have done. Okay, Dhoni came, interrupted, questioned but what's the end result, it was umpire's call. So why to make a fuss after all, that too on the ground and get a bad remark. Yes, there are many Dhoni fans and just because he is morally correct, we cannot justify his inappropriate actions on the ground. And whoever questions that, you cannot tag him as haters. We started following cricket from the likes of Sachin, who had got many wrong decisions on the ground and walked away. That's how we uphold the game. We are not telling what Dhoni questioned is wrong but how he did it is wrong. There is a difference, please try to understand. He has numerous young followers and think if they follow this kind of behaviour. Even Dhoni agreed that what he did is wrong in front of disciplinary panel. Now I don't know why fans are trying to justify it. Don't take it emotional, think in the aspect of game. Dhoni fans can justify the action, cricket fans can't. As Dada rightfully said, he did numerous good things and one thing wrong, accept it.. Afterall he is also human!!
Raghu Pb
We know cricket is england national game but you can't piss on pitch - Ashes 2013
G Sakthi
No one say about umpire fault. They are only talking about msd.whatever msd is greattttttt
royal india
We can obey decision from BCCI but cant allow any advice from Vaughan. He is nothing for us at all
Aswani Kumar
Looks who is talking about Dhoni - the same guy who talked about Vaseline.
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