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Driving Thru Downtown Kingston | No Limits: Tower Street. Downtown - At Up-Tube.com

Driving thru Downtown Kingston No Limits: Tower Street. Downtown 1 day ago   04:39

Driving in a Chevrolet Malibu thru downtown Kingston listening to reggae music on the radio. We are on our way to Hellshire beach. The year I think is 1984.

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Armando Robberts
Good good ja
Causeway bridge!!!
Wow!! I love watching videos like these. I was born in Kingston but living in Hanover in 1984.
3:40 country him gone? lmao where is this, i got lost after HWT
Nicole Scott
Wow, the old causeway bridge I use to be so scared to cross. It look so small now.
Stevie Broward
Miss My third world childhood
Marva Stewart
The place is full of garbage,ppl never disposed of their garbage properly, and its still the same.
Think of all the records you could have gotten.
Danny C. Jewell
In 84 I took the train from MoBay to Kingston, culture shock,what the guide books don't tell you
Stacy Samms
they don't have any traffic lights?
Taylormadevacation Rental
Wow I was only 6. No traffic
Tiney coner Willians
This the JA I know n grow up till 24 can't wait to Visit home soonnnnn I was 6yrs old at this time
Barcode Vx
Yow a toll road dat?? Jahh know
adrian phillips
I got to know how Half Way Tree and Hagley Park Road look in the year of my birth.Thanks for the video.
Qveen Chilling
Better governance in these times.
Could you imagine the traffic if these roads weren't widened?
Milo Gooner Brooks
They use to call LADA Life And Death Association 😂😂
Robert Mcleod
From the British left Jamaica,the people got nastier and nastier every generation but this generation is the worse, they are disgusting... look how clean the place did look
Sina Olowoake
Thanks for this video but most of all for the comments. For us friends of Jamaica who have never had the privilege to visit that wonderful island, the comments help us to visualise some of the names we only hear from dancehall artistes...From Yellowman i heard about Constant Springs. A lot of DJs mentioned Half Way Tree, Gregory Park, Skateland, Trelawny, Westmoreland, Ochi, MoBay and of course Kingston. So thus videos really help us to see and keep loving JA.
Natoya Golding
One year before I was born.. thank you for this view!!
SilverFreeRose Ent.
I was two years old then I didn't start going to Kingston until I was 11 years old
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No Limits: Tower Street. Downtown Driving thru Downtown Kingston 1 day ago   10:24

'No Limits' is one of a Studio 174 art and education programs, bringing together local artists and the community of Down Town Kingston. 'No Limits' is planned and created by the Studio 174 artists. This video is the first in series of upcoming episodes. It is conceptualised, planned and created by the Studio 174 artists in order to support and reinforce community based art practice.