How Fast Is The Double Engine Go-Kart??? EMPLOYEE CHALLENGES BOSS TO A WILD 5 months ago   21:42

New shirt and hoodie here!!! They're so soft!

These Go Karts are from Go Power Sports.

To help answer som FAQs
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The Best Tripod

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BlooBear Yt
Make larger welds and stronger metal for the bars cause its a little small
That kid Dasch
You should make the Back of your go cart into a truck back so that you can attach suspension to it
A Desert Eagle 2020
That’s one way to make a 300cc
Master of disaster
You should cut the sleeves off of the sweatshirt
Chad Marshall
When you said deal i thought you were ganna say you would give us one of your knives :(
Joshua Williams
You need to make it a tiny 5th wheeler
Shellyann Bharose
want one
Charlie’s Outdoors
Put an engine on the knockerball🤣😂
Kendall O'Dell
Hey Matt as a veteran curious about on rottweilers and pitbulls there misunderstood by a lot of people
the gas thing happened to mine. look at the little plastic white piece coming off the take. the little spring hose clamp thing gets hot and melts the plastic and squeezes it closed
Joseph LeNormand
Snazzy editing and music ya got there, Matt. Kart's alright, too! :D
Righteous Resister #27485A
Who else is jealous of Matt and wants their own Mere?
Jason White
Man if you think these are fast check out a senior champ kart for dirt or asphalt
Ok Matt if your even seeing this do gokart tug of war. Use the six wheeler vs regular that would be fire
Kingofgaming 7850
Is it just me or does that look so much like a semi truck
Blaze Gellatly
You look like you are 60
That thing sounds like a lawn mower
XXX Tentacion
It would be really cool if you can make the whole thing flex. So when you go over a hill all six wheel stay on the ground
kg production
What to carts are these
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EMPLOYEE CHALLENGES BOSS TO A WILD How Fast Is The Double Engine Go-Kart??? 5 months ago   15:51

@HoustonCrosta and the rest of the Royalty Crew compete in Go Kart Challenge. Who do you think won ?

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