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What Really Happens Inside | Evolution Of The Entire Fortnite Island! - At Up-Tube.com

What REALLY HAPPENS inside Evolution Of The Entire Fortnite Island! 1 day ago   14:20

Fortnite Seasons
Ultima Knight lives inside the fortnite meteor with his girlfriend Red Knight but when he is home she is in charge and me must do all the cleaning. Find out what really happens inside the fortnite meteor??

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Fortnite Seasons
Who's your favourite character of season 9??
But Fufu
Valentino Valentim
Red ninth is so good
DarkZide Rucker Rucker
Everyone whos looking for the song at 9:47 its called tropical storm cospe remix (i forgot to tell everyone)
E.X.P. morning
Just saviving this time for later 6:47
People like this garbage? Fortnite Roleplay is cringey af smh.
Noah Ferrari
50th comment
Ray Toure
Pls bring ultama in more videos pls
Midnight x GlamGacha
Yesss I love the Red Knight and Ultima Knight ones, please do more 🖤🖤🖤
Dat Lemon Idiot
We need a count of how many times Red Knight says “your wife”
Gummy wurm
Make him red with no armour
Hyper Phoenix ツ
Lol this vid was made on my birthday :))
Blizly GD
When red knight breaks up with black knight
Frxzsty Fortnite
Fufu XD
Farah Pinto
it's like ultimas knight is his mom
Sawyer Baker
fu fu wat
Avengers theme in beginning
Armaan Sond
Fornite seasons mine is Ultima kinght
just Hope
Fufi? Wtf sorry fufu oh wait its sorry it’s fufu I’m so stupid
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Evolution Of The Entire Fortnite Island! What REALLY HAPPENS inside 1 day ago   10:02

Evolution Of The Entire Fortnite Island! (Season 1-10)

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