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10 Best Unlockables In Video Games | 7 Unlockable Characters That Weren’T - At Up-Tube.com

10 Best Unlockables in Video Games 7 Unlockable Characters That Weren’t 2 days ago   10:08

Unlocking stuff in video games is more fun when you don't pay for it. Here are our favorite examples of stuff best unlocked the old fashioned way!
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What was your proudest game unlock moment?
Matthew Vowles
Wasteland Survival Guide, in Fallout 2. Beat the game, and go back to the drunk pastor in the church located in the western-most screen on New Reno.
Alexander Bourne
My proudest unlock in a game is definitely Recon armor on H3. Grinding those Vidmasters on ODST was so worth it.
Scribblez z
One of my favorite and I think one of the hardest was the Haunted Helm from Halo Reach
The hayabusa and all armor comes unlocked with the master chief collection
Cyberra 01
I only needed to find none more skull to get the hayabusa helmet D;
Library Adjacent
Infinite lives in Seperation Anxiety for the Sega genesis.
Whats with the German E-100 Tank in War Thunder? You need to win a tournament to get the Tank, thats the reason why its so rarely encountered, cause almost nobody owns that Tank besides some ultra hardcore pro gamers...
JD Metcalf
Jordan Nirza
The car at number 5....It kinda looks like the batmobile.....((most likely spelt it wrong))
My favorite was the scarab gun in Halo 2
Mr Abootoo
And number 1 the elytra
Richard Cranium
Unlocking Human Plus was very cool
Paco Ruiz Arnal
getting 100% item collection in both Super Metroid and Metroid prime 3 men I felt like a god, also unlocking the Mark IV armor in Halo reach Mark V set I´m coming for you
Tenth Reaper
That forza horizon 4 Ferrari car that destroys that i was to lazy to do the challenge for yea worst decision of my life
Doom 2016 multiplayer the preditor suite
We spent a ridiculous amount of time 9th grade year focusing on getting the skillz to get the odst firefight vidmaster and everyone gave up but i fekkin did it B)
You can buy other game unlockabes so you can earn the one you can’t pay for it would be more easier
That e383
Dante steve
No dmc 3 ?
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7 Unlockable Characters That Weren’t 10 Best Unlockables in Video Games 2 days ago   14:49

We’re not averse to putting in loads of effort for a worthwhile result, but we are dead against working our socks off for an insultingly shabby reward - as in the case of these unlockable game characters who were so much more hassle than they were worth.

Take Bayonetta's unlockable playable character Little King Zero, for instance.

Bayonetta is already a pretty challenging game, so imagine how much more 'fun' you could be having if you were playing as a character who was reduced to one hit point by every single attack in the game, regardless of how weak it was.

That’s the situation you find yourself if you play Bayonetta as Zero, King of Little Devils, a demon who looks like Santa’s skeleton trying to fight its way out of a garbage bag and costs you five million halos or the completion of the game's diamond-hard lost chapter Angel Slayer.

Or take Tofu from Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 2 was full of great characters, from Leon Kennedy to Claire Redfield, to the unimaginably creepy police chief Brian Irons, to Sherry, the little girl who wouldn’t stop running off.

Get six A ranks in a row in the main game, however, and you unlock a new character, called Tofu. Tofu is, as his name suggests, a six foot block of tofu with hands, whose campaign involved running around the sewers brandishing a knife.

Still a better character than Steve Burnside from Resident Evil: Code Veronica though. Eff that guy.


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