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We Installed Quad Turbos For Cheap | Everything You Need To Turbo A Car!! - At Up-Tube.com

We Installed QUAD TURBOS for CHEAP EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO TURBO A CAR!! 9 months ago   13:31

Life OD
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Life OD
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Wax Sax
The video is cool quad turbo on old mazda
Jeffrey Chevalier
You guys crack me up if I ever hear one of you getting hurt or killed I'm not going have to ask why lol
biker gamez
11:55 Hitler gas chamber prototype
Mazda "Fuck this shit I'm out"
Hajjah Jami
turbo mahal mahal cuma di gituin edaaaaaannnn......
Nael Alnablse
ما شاء الله
Brian Mchugh
What can is that
Nash G.
budget powerstroke lmao
Pat Davis 2403
I feel like if you did this legitimately you could have a pretty cool set up.
1. Proper manifold
2. Pod filters on the compressor side so you don't get soot in your engine
3.Intake through an intercooler
4. A proper exhaust system
5. Oil
6. Dyno tune
Chase Schlafmann
This was the most badass thing I’ve seen!!! When can you build me one?
I love these guys. Just some good old boys having a good time. making me think and laugh.
David Mallon
Now buy a cheap LS and put 8 turbos on it
Chris Bentley
If only they would tune it... or do something right if they're going to experiment..
Steve Vachaviolos
How did u oil & cool the turbos bruh
Jass Erik
Rip engine
Anonymous 6430
Wi do you add a turbo at this car and wi not in your ass bitch
Driving this monster fast car is known to the State of California to cause [cancer, and] birth defects or other reproductive harm.
Aidan Guglielmini
My god that's a lot of Boost
Son Barbun
00:51 turbo lag is detected.
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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO TURBO A CAR!! We Installed QUAD TURBOS for CHEAP 9 months ago   17:23

Full breakdown of everything you need to turbo a naturally aspirated vehicle, included a full install also!

We were lucky enough to receive a CX RACING turbo kit for our budget drift build! Make sure to click the link below to see what they have to offer for your vehicle!!

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