1995 Goody's 500 Finish How Rich is Former NASCAR Driver 5 months ago   06:07

Watch the thrilling final 10 laps of the 1995 night race at Bristol, as Dale Earnhardt charges through lapped traffic to reach race leader Terry Labonte's bumper on the final lap, leading to a classic finish.

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Anthony Casey
Terry was always a stand up guy Bobby was my driver low
Verify Controversy
These 3 announcers probably rolling over in their graves seeing what has become of NASCAR. I don’t think Benny Parsons would be a fan racing in stages.
Jim Iverson
2:50 "A slow car...and EARNHARDT IS RIGHT ON HIS BACK BUMPER!!" Gotta love Benny calling it like it was the fuckin' Hindenburg LMAO
Back when NASCAR was good...
Vine Wood
Earnhardt runnerup that night after bulldozing the field. NASCAR blackflagged him like twice & he STILL came back & damn near won that shit...
Gage McPherson
Who all wants to bet Dale would roll his eyes over this stage racing
Joe King
Much more respect given to a guy who has the patience to study the car in front, run him down and genuinally pass him without touching him. That's much harder to do than just move a guy. But I guess the toothless rednecks will never understand.
Damn Labonte messed up...I wish he would have done a burnout.
william shultz
This at least wasn't as blatant as 99 because he was half on the apron trying to get under labonte
Stephen Holloway
Remember they did it again four years later, same two drivers, same track but the fans in 99, were not to kind with Dale in round two.
too late, Mr thick mustache
Adam Moreira
Damn lapped cars!
Dale was their too win regardless of how hard he drove
Cliff D
I think dale hit everything but the pace car that night.
"Let's see what strategy he pulls."

The same strategy Earnhardt always pulled. Bash the back bumper of the guy ahead of you.
Rudy Camacho
love seeing all these new age racing fans, saying dale is dirty, no he is a racer, if you are gonna hold a line then in order for me to win I'm gonna move you out of the way, also if this was today, Terry would be fighting dale, but back then he is laughing about it, this is why racing has changed, and rest in peace to dale but he wouldn't wanna race in this sensitive era
Patrick Harr
I was at that race!! Dale drove hard all night long that night!!
Quentin Diaz
THAT was real racing. One of the many races shown why dale was the intimidator. #DaleOuttaNoWhere!
Josh Hamilton
That reporter sucks. Let him get out and celebrate before you ask stupid questions
Cam Gadue
Wow. Only 8 cars finished on the lead lap.
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How Rich is Former NASCAR Driver 1995 Goody's 500 Finish 5 months ago   03:11

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