AfD deputy leader Georg Pazderski: The dark secret behind the relationship 5 months ago   26:01

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Georg Pazderski, a deputy leader of the AfD, says his party rejects right-wing radicalism. But with the party's youth wing under surveillance and supporters marching alongside neo-Nazi activists, how true is that? He talks to Tim Sebastian on DW’s Conflict Zone.

Conflict Zone is Deutsche Welle's top political interview. Every week, our hosts Tim Sebastian and Michel Friedman are face-to-face with global decision-makers, seeking straight answers to straight questions, putting the spotlight on controversial issues and calling the powerful to account.
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Gayle Elizabeth
....This guy handled himself great—-really had Sebastian stumped for once....
Gayle Elizabeth
....LOVE seeing this obnoxious, old geezer always FREEZING in the wind at the opening of each new segment....Nasty, rude, interrupting old coot..l
I love this interviewer, he asks really tough questions for these politicians
Fenrir AB
Next Kanzler. We'll follow him 💪
Im in the Interview for less then 2 minutes and the Interviewer is absolutey rude. Ask him a question he says literrly 2 words and get interrupted, jesus what a shit show.
Com Pter
Com Pter
Not good people's my country many Germany go there and work there so why
Give him a chance! Quit interrupting! A hostile argumentative interviewer.
Luke Morrison
The interviewer is a hero. Keep em in line. British and America, you make minorities feel safe. Germany, better behave or you will be spanked again. Healthcare is mandatory in Germany. Just go in for therapy.
Good interview. It shows what the AfD "achieved" the last years. They just spread hate. They aren't responsible for any improvement.
Sebastian Will
What a useless interview
Resi Berlin
The AfD is now the only honest and excellent political party in Germany. All other parties are political forces of mass migration, mass poverty, Islam, illegal migration, crimes, censorship etc.

The AfD will save Germany and Europe.
Sayed Akbari
That slogan " our country our rule" said by a Polish is strange
Well, see, Dr Alice Widel is lesbian and has a partner from Sri Lanka and nevertheless they call her Nazi-whore without being punished by court, Mr Pazderski who served his country in different countries - knows Islamic dictatures from the inside -is definitely badly treated here as always - the left Antifa fighting people, burning cars are never critizied, get money by the govnment, but those who want to discuss (alternative to left wing) - have their own arguments, are fought unfairly: dictatorship - no free opinion possible in DE anymore -  the media are forbidden to tell sth that is not agreed by this governing dictators - a shame...
David Schlageter
The reporter is behaving like a complete a$$, he's interrogating not interviewing. Can we just get more information about proposals and policy not just "you are a nazi"? Of course you should teach German in German schools. DW is very biased it's clear.
Edmund West
In the last general election AfD got 12.5% of the vote, same as UKIP in 2015 and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands so Germany is no more racist than most countries. Also, nearly all of AfD voters are in the former East Germany along with the Linke voters.
As for the Bavarian election, they came fourth, pathetic.
Religion are opium! - truth will set you free
Long live AfD, greetings from Denmark!
Mountain Goat
Id love to slap this british douche bag.
Falco-Ramin Javazi
Please get rid of this Tim Sebastian guy - he is painful to watch. We don't do this type of hyper-aggressive talking-point-only interviewing. He makes this lying AfD clown look reasonable!!!
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The dark secret behind the relationship AfD deputy leader Georg Pazderski: 5 months ago   09:56

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