Yellow vests denounce disproportionate Special documentary on France's 'gilets 2 days ago   03:49

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France has seen weekly clashes between the yellow vest protesters and the police for three months now. More than 1,900 demonstrators have been injured, some of them seriously. Protesters say the police are using disproportionate force against them.


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James Wagley
This is one of the many reason EU is pushing article 13.
Malcolm Mulvihill
Yes the police are armed with hammers and have been destroying windows on bank distributors as we have seen on videos to discredit the gilets jaunes Macron and his allies the antifa black block etc plus the complicity of the police has turned this battle into struggle which must end in the destruction of this globalist government and we know who they are Macron is their pawn
Lala Land
That police guy forgot to mention that before going to face the yellow vests, the police is manipulated to "be as violent as needed, because the rioters are extremely dangerous". Yes. That's what they are told.
World, meet french gouvernment dealing with their desperate own people
Taxpayers money hard at work - weaponry that allows government thugs to suppress a democratic right, i.e., protests. I wonder if the company that makes these 'modern' weapons donated money to Macron's campaign.
teddy boef
Dear Vitalia, i wish your courtcase against the French government gets the outcome you are seeking for and you can live your life in peace.
Mark Kempton
The regime are using live weapons on the people.
Police gets hurt and cry?? You policemen can withstand What are you hitting civilians with??? Remember an eye for an eye is what you got beaten up for. You’re for public not other way round. Use water cannons & tear gas. Politeness is like a ripple.
in order for y'all the French people to get rid of your current President. yall yellow vest must. have to find the right person yall agree to be your next president. but must swear himself in as President. just like whats going on in Venezuela. must have to spread the word around. the more violent protest you have will not work.
Police = Demons
Masha Mitchell
What are they protesting at this point? The gas tax was stopped. France has all the things Americans can only dream about. 30 days paid vacation a year, huge maternity leave, healthcare, free college. You all just look ungrateful and petty at this point.
Zachariah Ayers
I love rebelry i think you need a drummer boy to set the mood and precisely word the way you feel.
Anthony Lemkendorf
Can we dispense of this silly notion that Europeans don’t like guns and violence. They love guns and violence. It just has to be the State that has the guns and implements the violence.
Dom Perignon
eu run by the devil
Mohammad Ashraf
USA and EU should recognize the leader of the Yellow Vests protesters as interim President of France. Also they should freeze all the accounts of France outside the country, supply “humanitarian aid” (arms and ammos) to the protesters to fight with “dictator” Macron!! What do you think does it remind you a regime change drama staged recently in South America?
Emma von
Human right is real joke ?

Shame on Europe governments .
Claire H
What about that man today whos hand was blown off in Paris. Saw it on RT live, it's was horrific. Never seen anything like this in my life before. It was like an arm with a flat bloody pancake on the end. It was totally sickening. The police were firing things at the protesters and he picked something up. How can the police be allowed to use these granades etc.
Da Raptor
Italy 🇮🇹 supports u Yellow Vests
I am proud to be half french, yellow vests protesters make me proud!
cheryl taylor
France = Police State Dictatorship
Nice france. Now i know what democracy is. Ruled by elected people.
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Special documentary on France's 'gilets Yellow vests denounce disproportionate 2 days ago   26:07

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