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A Hidden Bar • Guangzhou, China | The True Story Of Serpentza And What - At Up-Tube.com

A Hidden Bar • GUANGZHOU, CHINA The True Story of SerpentZA and What 6 months ago   03:46

Zane's World
You won’t find any signs for this bar. If you’re having trouble finding the entrance, no one will come help you. But, if you know to walk into this vacant shop, and you know the secret entrance to the bar, you’ll enter the first legal speak easy in Guangzhou (Canton), China. It would be difficult to find better cocktails in the entire city.

If you’ve never heard of Guangzhou, don’t worry. It’s only the 9th largest city in the world. Formerly (also) known as Canton, the cuisine of this region was the first Chinese food to be introduced to the United States. Even though you may not be familiar with the city, you are certainly familiar with its Cantonese food.

5 Alarm
Lee Baker - Naughty Nurse
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Wei Luo
That's exactly where I went to elementary school for 4 years before moving out.
Lee J.A.
Is this the place over in Dongshankou?
Wtf is the point of a legal hidden bar/speak easy? To feel cool? To imagine you live in 1920's prohibition? This is just stupid.
Sky Kingsky
Where's that place. Looks nice
Ali Ali
A lot of African who’s there to buy fakes usually be partying in that city
Vi Me
Haha! After I’ve seen your video, this was the first bar I went to when I‘ve been to GZ! Highly recommended!
Thomas Galloway
Only one way in or out..in China...
Josh S-TV
Bless u
My Movie Travel
this place is called Hope and Sesame and is easy to find if have chinese skills :) just look for 庙前冰室 - ” miaoqianbingshi “ you can watch more sight seeing or other cool spots in my documentary about guangzhou. Thanks for sharing Zane ;)
delvon simmons
whats district is this located and can i take the metro there?
Michelangelo Martins Sguazzardo
I live in Guangzhou since 7 years, but never found this place.. Please send me the address, it would be awesome to chill in a place like that!
rajan amlani
Can you please send me the address
Efe Guvensel
I am going gz tonite.can you pls write the adress
d palahnuk
ZANE ... I live in GZ ... can you hook me up with the location ? .. I will send you an email. Thanks !
how about the price?
Mondays with Mandy
Amazing content dude! I’m from Guangzhou but there are so many cool places I don’t know about
C3 TheCollywoodLife
I will have to check this place out after CNY.
Oscar Pan
Where is this bar...give me an address
Ryan Anthony
Been there since three sheets. Drinking made easy was awesome. Have chug on Blu-ray. How bout a chug V2 or something like that.
Eric Peter Schwartz
Still drinking ambassador to the world. My hero!
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The True Story of SerpentZA and What A Hidden Bar • GUANGZHOU, CHINA 6 months ago   10:13

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SerpentZA. If you know about YouTubers in China, you know this man. The thing is, Winston has been very sparse on facts from his early life, like how did he really get to China? Today we find out the true story behind Winston, otherwise known as SerpentZA, his life in South Africa, and who he truly is. Winston has a complicated history, and in this video, you will learn everything that you need to know about China's Original Vlogger.

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