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Skiracer Carving | How To Carve The Ski - At Up-Tube.com

Skiracer CARVING How to carve the ski 1 day ago   02:50

In spring conditions are getting soft. Here skilled 22y old ski racer Mikko is laying down some really nice rail road tracks. Compared to Chris he moves a lot more in the vertical plane. He also has a more narrow stance. He gets great rebound out of the turns. Notice how all the transitions are unweighted, flying through edge change with some nice pivots. Well done!


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tiny skier
well in my opinion if skis not on the snow, you ain't carving. Mikko, when skiing by himself, is way too much up and down, he's knocks himself off balance on a lot of turns, recovers nicely but his tracks are not consistent, but again, it's because he's skiing like he's racing, he's attacking ... that is why all the arm movement and the up and down to power the turn and the pop/rebound... i think if he transitioned laterally, quieted the arms, steered 100%, you want to be as rigid as a racecar and allow gravity to work it's magic ... in theory, if you are carving correctly, you should be accelerating EVERY turn, you should be going faster every turn ... i find the up and down and rebounding seems to be detrimental to that theory, it's like driving a car in jerky fits and starts, as opposed to a smooth consistent forward movement .... for freeskiing carving, imo, the less movement, the less chance of being off balanced and reduction of acceleration.. I think this would apply to racing, but you have to do it in tandem with ... attacking. Plus, you have to go around the poles, lol .... It's a dilemna.
I often observe younger, lighter and less competitive developing racers (youth club and HS racers) with this type of arm movement especially during freeskiing where the arms have more freedom for this type of movement without the need to block gates. I think it may be a compensatory result of competitive requirements that surpass their biomechanical maturity regarding weight/mass and muscle strength and control. That said, I do not believe it is the result of "ideal" development, something that can be in conflict with winning races at this age and level. We often see adult club racers on FIS race skis and 150 flex boots adopting weird looking compensatory movements due to the incorrect order of skill development (ingrained refinements over lacking fundamentals) produced by such a scenario. I am sure this skier can observe himself in this video and compare it to WC racers and elite technical freeskiers that he would naturally wish to emulate to see that his move is completely non existent in their skiing. He is using the residual momentum of the arm swing to produce rotational forces that he eventually will not need from the upper body. Ultimately, through physical and technical maturity, what he gets from this arm movement can be transferred to the hips, legs and feet.
Tous Ensemble
I have been reading the free run of Chris. Lots of thing to say :)
Did you notice something about his left foot?
Александр Фурман
Not carving
Jack O.
Chris, why so much of the hand's action? What's the gain in it?
Needs to flex and hold counter through the transition
Tous Ensemble
giant slalom stylish :)
SL skis?
Jaeyoung Lee
What the hell is this......!
Tous Ensemble
ahah easy snow ! good skiers :)
about Mikko:
he often pushes his feet forward at the begining of the turns (why not,easy snow).
Then to go forward for recovering external foot he's just tilting too much his upper body forward with a too early hip angulation.
Imho tilting like this is not good. Instead he should just neutral and push forward his hip at beginning or the turn with a more inclined position.
about Chris:
not enough dissociation.
vadim videos
Simply beautiful! Is it Chris in the blue helmet?
daniel janssen
He is getting better and better. But his prominent outside arm swing, his inside arm drop and upper body rotation is troubling. Keep the movements simple and efficient.
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How to carve the ski Skiracer CARVING 1 day ago   09:12