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Cars, Costs and Technology
During yesterday's Barrett Jackson auto auction a Carbon 65 Corvette Z06 sold for $1.4 million dollars! The first production 2019 Corvette ZR1 sold for $925,000!


Watch the final day of the auction live:

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Cars, Costs and Technology
What would you prefer? First production ZR1 or 1 of 650 Carbon 65 Z06... Thanks for watching!
Edysin Simon
If one has the money and is fortunate enough to be in such a tax bracket, then the tax deduction may in fact be a financial benefit! Time will tell and personally, "I" could not see paying anywhere close to that amount! Proof enough that getting applied with enough liquor and rational folks will indeed do dumb stuff like everyone else!
Fordgt are limited numbers n porsche..if zr1 was say only 300 made they would go for 2 million..thats what porsche n ferrari do...
Zr1 worth more
M.A. M.R.
These charity cars shouldn't count as being sold period, all that 1.4 million is a tax write off. The car is worth what the richest guy in the room feels like donating that day.
There is the last C5 Corvette ever made in a dealership in Atlanta, GA and sells for $1,000,000.
timothy gray
Whenever they say the proceeds that the car going to bring are going to charity they’re going to use it as a tax write off.
Jason O
Yes it’s justified because everyone knows the mid engine Vette is about to come out! Back when they auctioned the Carbon 65 their was nothing else! If you had money to Donate wouldn’t you wait?
The Carbon has a defined finite production number. 650. That car also has the signature of a US President. While W's signature is not rare. It is the ONLY car he has ever signed. The ZR1 has no defined limited production number and no presidential signature. Does this justify a half Million Dollar difference? Not to me but, only time will tell. That said, the money is going to an excellent cause. The people bidding can easily afford what they spent so it's good all around.
Michael DeMasi
You realize isn't wasn't about the car at all, if you follow Barrett-Jackson the car could have been a model of the car and would have sold for the same amount.
The Carbon 65 is a Gorgeous Car! Anyway, a lot of patriots stepped up for our well deserving vets. That's what matters. Murica!
Someone got ripped off
Rusty Zipper
CC&T - what do you think of the DJI Air? Or spend a little more for the Magic Pro?
Chris Sullivan
All fords are shit
Chris Sullivan
Much rather have ZR1 !!
Rides By Rod
Yeah i was kinda puzzled by the Z06 price vs the ZR1 but like you stated it was for charity so that i believe carried the day...i would prefer the ZR1 but would gladly take either!
jeff mccoy
Fools and their money.
Mikey G
Michael McCrea
If they put the ZR1 up first it would have been 1.4 I think it is just according to the Buyer Pocket Books
It seems to me once you get up to these prices money is no object to the buy this is just their pocket change to them charity = tax receipt writeoff
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