20 Almost INSANE Goals In Football Ronaldinho: 14 Ridiculous Tricks That 4 months ago   05:48

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20 Almost Insane Goals In Football ft. Cristiano Ronaldo, Xherdan Shaqiri, Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic etc. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for new videos!

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ha mid
Gréât vidéo
Sarthak Shetty
Nani idiot
Amv XlZ
1:51 when your about to score a great goal but that one person ruins it
Giovanni Ansaloni
Where is Rafael Toloi's Scorpion kick (Atalanta vs Pescara(2016/2017)(Serie A)) ?
Antonio Arias López Díaz
Karlis Gonzalez
00:37 Yes! It's A Goal!
00:57 Yes! It's A Goal!
01:05 No! It Ain't Goal, He Flew It Up!
01:30 No! It Ain't Goal, He Shot To The Poast!
01:40 Yes! It's A Goal, It Ain't Offside!
02:04 No! It Ain't Goal, He Shot To The Poast!
02:10 Yes! It's A Goal!
02:26 No! It Ain't Goal, He Shot To The Poast! He Had A Big Chance, But Wasted It!
02:36 No, It Ain't Goal, He Shot To The Poast!
02:57 No, It Ain't Goal, He Shot To The Poast! He Had A Big Chance, But Wasted It!
03:01 Yes! It's A Goal!
03:16 Yes! It's A Goal!
03:36 No! It Ain't Goal, He Shot To The Poast!
03:51 No! It Ain't Goal, He Had A Big Chance, But Wasted It!
04:06 Yes! It's A Goal!
04:19 Yes! It's A Goal!
04:34 No! It Ain't Goal, He Shot To The Poast!
04:52 No! It Ain't Goal, He Snot To The Poast!
05:00 Yes! It's A Goal!
05:14 Yes! It's A Goal!
Ronaldo vs Côte D’Ivoire WC 2010?
Marcin Garbiec
Legend says Ronaldo is even now angry :/\
Denis Sabotic
2:47 time stopped
josecinho fernandinho
I can't stand the shitty music
TeamHD-Skills-Ultimate Goals asd
Shaqiri Die in pain !
If Markovic had scored that, his whole career would have been different.
1:52 this is cr7 goal.they cheat him
andres arias
We can see your block videos in another place? I want to see them again because they were my favorite videos on YouTube
Nicolas Fernandes
Good video.....nice
Troy Tobin
I felt so bad for Ron wen nani stole his goal and nani was offside
Joe Steel
Good vid
ну Санек, ну хорош!
Pi Kist
Great video! That Pirlo free-kick...
Martin Ventura-Motta
Aquino vs France shot???
Lucas MOura vs Marsielle???
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Ronaldinho: 14 Ridiculous Tricks That 20 Almost INSANE Goals In Football 4 months ago   10:02

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