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Robert De Niro wins the Oscar for Supporting Actor forThe Godfather Part II at the 47th Academy Awards. Presented by Ryan and Tatum O'Neal and accepted by Francis Ford Coppola. Introduced by Bob Hope.

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tricky dick
I think Cazale deserved it. And wasn't even nominated.
Elaine Snow
Good lord, who picked out that dress for that child? Her dad?
Alan Anderson
John Cazale should have been nominated for his performance as Fredo. John Huston in Chinatown should be here, too.
Couldn't imagine an actor not showing up at the Oscars these days.
Kip Kunkle
how the fuk could Deniro not show up for this., sad
Karan Virk
Who loved all three Godfather films hit like
Josh Rooke77
how didn't al pacino get nominated ?
They almost forgot to name the nominees. I wonder why DeNiro wasn’t there.
Tatum is just too cute!!!
Rodrigo Giordani
DeNiro was absolutely brilliant as Vito
Cory Wong
Robert Shaw
Hugo Nongbri
Coppola looks like he got rejected from the Grateful Dead......and became of the best directors ever........:D
Tahmeed Chowdhury
DeNiro was exceptional in The Godfather Part II, as were Michael V Gazzo and Lee Strasberg. However, I still think the criminally underrated John Cazale should have won for what is one of the best supporting performances of all time.
Philip Moore
i think tatum will forever hold the record for youngest to win an oscar
In a different year Jeff Bridges would have won for performance as 'Lightfoot'.
The Truth
He was like get out the way kid z
kim mancha
god Ryan was beautiful ...
When 3 out of 5 were from one movie, plus 2 more from other categories, it's safe to say that this film had some of the best casts of all time.
Arvind Gaurav
Both the actors played Vito Corleone got Oscars but alas not personally...what an irony
Yasim Tashir
He should have won 4 Capefear 2
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Robert De Niro On Working With Robert De Niro Wins Supporting 2 days ago   01:30

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