We Tried Following a Bob Ross Painting We Used Household Items As Makeup 2 weeks ago   14:52

Morgan Adams
The video we followed: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/dGQDg_CqyLp

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May Ignacio
4:12 cheeto is a bit SHOOKT
Pixie Ison
2:39 idk why but I’m laughing so hard at Shane just casually walking across with a diet root beer I think 😂
Wait!? I wasn’t invited!!!!!!? 😳👀😭😭
nochu ツ
garrett is so cute please djdkdkd i lov him):
Eleuterio Vela
Y'all need to do this again
I’m a Hysterical Queen Darling
Morgan: “Wait. I already have a boyfriend.”
Garret: “You do?”
Morgan: “No.”

*I’ve never related to anything so much in my whole life*
Furniture&Project ArtistQueen
Lol Morgan you should do a tutorial on how you filmed this😂
winget & winie canales
Tell Shane this what if Bob Ross was a serial killer and the pictures are locations of where he hid the bodies😯😯😯😯😯😯
I feel like if they were more serious about this they could of done a better job mostly Morgan and Garrett
Anouk za
Morgan youre so me with money
Anna Sena
Wacth Morgan turn garrett straight 😂😭
Squid ward’s clarinet
“ 10 42 on March 1 my AirPods...broken”. i am not rich to bye 200 dollar apple products i just use the wire that can with it.
Maddie Z.
can u give me an oreo
The Randomest moe
Garret’s is looking pretty good
Jamie Lynn
I haven't eaten in minutes! Me.
Anita T
As they started brushing the white my 6 year old pointed to ryland and said “that person probably has already done the best.”
Laura Gilkes
U should look up He Likes Boys, it relates too u so much.
K Kelly
39 seconds in. I'm dead and had to pause. MORGAN you're so funny-keep at it!
Sadichchha Sharma
“I won!!”
shows feet
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We Used Household Items As Makeup We Tried Following a Bob Ross Painting 2 weeks ago   11:17

"Give me the butter!"

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