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Boom To Bust, Australia Mining | Australian Mining Brings Wave - At Up-Tube.com

Boom to Bust, Australia Mining Australian mining brings wave 2 days ago   05:10

Wall Street Journal
Across Australia, mining towns like Emerald are hurting as China's appetite for resources exports wanes. What does the future hold for locals? Photo/Video: Paolo Bosonin

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Comments 111 Comments

Ant Poo
2.5 hour drive in that gas guzzling bogan mobile?!
1 2 3 Four Five
First off, you cant villianise a country and still expect it to be friendly towards you.
Secondly, youve heard it before and you hear it again. D I V E R S I F Y
Asking for work with your hat on backwards.
Screw them, don't feel sorry for any of them. These are the same people that are the first to form unions, extort businesses and use the ALP to hold them over a barrel. How does it feel now? Go and form your own businesses like old mate did and see what it's like to put it all on the line. Where's the unions and ALP now? Nowhere to be seen!
Nathan C
Iron ore get mined here in Western Australia Sent to China and bought back as steel! Just mad.
It is what it is. When you have Governments under the influence of Greenies,like Labor here in Queensland,who now won't open any new coal mines because of the loss of Greenie leftist votes,the odds are the worker will suffer. Boom & bust...it happens all over the world & it's fact of life.
Love when yanks report Aussie outback news!
A journalist in the states couldn't be any further from the reality of what occurs on different continents.
Paulo Domonic Aquillo
Moranbah went from boom to bust and back again. I sold all my properties and purchased a home for just over $100K. Now it's booming again, my quiet town is very busy again. Life is really good out here.
This is bit of a croc. Coal goes up n down. It has peaked again since this was made. Always happens. To me , Emerald is a nice place.
Pipito Paerata
The lucky country loves deporting kiwis why? Good job
Greg Echlin
I was talking to an engineer who was from India and working at a company in Michigan. About 4 years ago on a flight. He sawthe down turn in the Chinese economy as it started. People in China are demanding more money also. Now they are turning away waste products. I don't know if people are aware of the Chinese economy as it is now.
Greed acerace stupidity...its alll on display.
With Climate change here, there will be no environment = NO Life, Idiots.
Francis Lim
Other than mining,Australia doesn’t know what else it should do,no plan B was in places after the 2008 China Olympic ‘s demands for our iron ores mining ,if Chinese investors and influences comes to Australia,they can creates tourism and other opportunities as they are very creative and innovative,but it’s seem they,like the west are more concern about white supremacy and culture.
William Chhour
I bet you most these small towns are where the hard-core racist live
frosty pablo
Well the fact is China is paying for it. Somebody with authority has approved it. THEY are the caring ones and are fully accountable far more than China.
T RopE
oh but wait,,,,,its obamas fault
It's known as 'putting all your eggs in one basket.' I do feel badly for those hurt by the downturn tho' and hope they find alternative industries where they can apply their skills and capital investments.
trying to boss around the no. 1 customer, I cannot see how silly it is ....unreal...some one have have to suffer...
Rhys’s Lowlux
Meth capital of Queensland
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Australian mining brings wave Boom to Bust, Australia Mining 2 days ago   02:47

Thousands of tradespeople commute from Perth by plane, working 12-hour shifts on 24-hour-a-day mining operations. Even the newest qualified earn well over $100,000 a year, but the money has consequences: In towns near mines, prices for everything from property to services are high. Al Jazeera's Andrew Thomas reports from Western Australia.