Auction Drift Car Gets Widebody Unveiling my NEW Salvage Supercar Rebuild 1 week ago   19:19

This has been a huge upgrade for our garage! We finally get to bring you guys even better content than before! Thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way. Be sure to stay tuned and follow along this amazing journey. Thanks For Watching!!!

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Martin Pierce
If you do a full exhaust, just make sure you put a x-pipe some where in the downstream. This will aid in scavenging and actually improve power.
Micah Vogel
I think you gotta do the dual exhaust... but I'm an amateur...
Full cat back exhaust is need for the build. Glad to see that you guys finally got a lift. Now life working on cars will be so much easier. Great video, keep the content coming!
keith cao
@7:01 sneaky sneaky
Prime 05
U should keep the z and learn to drift cause drifting would be a good skill for control of cars
David Williams
That fibreglass filler looks like the hairy matted mess you pull out of the drain from the shower
4:17 anyone know the title of song?
K Brown
💪🏽 901k 🗺
Spin your pads up if you want it a little bit higher
Hello we have a product for you that you would love using on this toy any many others , could you shoot us a email for info at thanks 👍👍
I love that Camaro, shes so perty
michael nnielsen
whit to to 2 ex...pips
michael nnielsen
gol whit the looks becous the sound is going to get more awsome
Its so nuts because you guys have like a real life GTA garage but even better you fix almost everything except when V-tune comes in Lol.
Why the fuck did you put your lift in backwards? Now you'll have to back everything in lmao
Reece Valencia
Full Tomei Exhaust
R. R. P
So so you have in to the cars or sell?
So, just heard about this channel. Think i have to catch up.
You 2 are going to blow yourselves up painting in front of an open flame heater. Stop doing that.
04 Oxford White Terminator
The work isn’t worth the results. At the end of the day you’re going to have a 3000 dollar Nissan 350z with a 1000 dollar wide body kit. . Car is way to old to spending this much time and money to fix. Skip to the lift install. Lol
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Unveiling my NEW Salvage Supercar Rebuild Auction Drift Car Gets Widebody 1 week ago   13:42

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So I wanted to start working on my next Supercar Rebuild Project, but while I was filming the intro, Rich Rebuilds stopped everything and told me I couldn't start it until I finished my Salvage Focus RS Project...

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