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Being Black In Korea | Living In Korea - A 'heads Up' - At Up-Tube.com

Being Black in Korea Living in Korea - A 'Heads Up' 2 days ago   04:47

11. These are SOME of MY (key words 'some' and 'my') experiences and thoughts of being black in Korea! Just wanted to throw out another perspective on the tube :) Overall, it's definitely a different experience.. especially coming from such a multicultural city like Toronto. ALSO- forgot to add, there have been I think like 3 (known) cases where I've caught people sneaking pics/videos of me, but definitely not as excessive as I had prepared myself for before coming here

quick answers:
I'm Ethiopian!
camera: sonya500
IG / SC: ewnett


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Fuuucckkkk. Your skin is so beautiful.
Carmen Kebe
Why are you so pretty😳
Sorry when my English is not so good
Inney Rale
You are hot!!!
Edward Muimi
I aint going wow😢
eskea brave
Please email for me its serious issue.
BTS is the cause of my euphoria
You are so pretty!♥♥♥
dang0088 da
Im not korean and live in cali, sometime i feel like going to korea and stare at the black girl or pull her hair and pretend im korean. lol
Cyberprank 2077
Josie Panda
If you're Korean can you please comment if you're interested in teaching me Korean 😂😂😂 I really need to learn so I can pass.
Master Jeong's Taekwondo
I am very sorry for the bad experiences from some rude people. I'd like to apologize representing whole Korean people and I have to say these things. 1. Stupid idiots are everywhere. 2. Most Korean like international people and try to treat very well(sometimes too much). 3. I have never seen a beautiful black woman like you before,
Sul Lee
You are beautiful
Oh Brother
You couldn't find a more original title.
sabrina Bieber
Hi boo!!! I’m also Ethiopian as well and I’m trying to move there as well!
Pronoti Basumatary
You are beautiful.
Wow you’re gorgeous!
celeste nicole Swart
Thank you for sharing
fuck both koreas
alina Kachhap
Is Korean think that black people's or black women is sexy as well as beautiful? ?
AliDK10 AliDK10
Koreans they are M fker
She is gorgeous!!!!
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Living in Korea - A 'Heads Up' Being Black in Korea 2 days ago   04:49

08. my hair is looking like a hot mess but IT'S OKAY! here are 10 things I had to get used to living in Korea that I didn't really see coming/wasn't really prepared for. recorded this about a month ago but never got around to posting it.. more videos coming soon :D

camera: sonya500
IG / SC: ewnett

have an amazing day! :)