Jake Hill - Rip X Jake Hill & Josh A - Suicide 1 year ago   02:40

Prod. Ocean beats

part of me just wishes i could
be a different kind of sinner

when bullets meet the opposition
man noones a winner

fucking up but swear to god
that I'll change it

give me a chance to win
your love and ill take it

im better now
riding round top down

made some mistakes
but im back up now

back up now
shut me down
thats ok its old news now

just watch me drown
you love to see that shit

finger out
while im sinking in

digging deeper
secret keeper

evil speaker
til I meet the reaper

draw my frown with
a permanent pen

search for peace
ill find it again

im blinded again
by violent words
oh god it hurts
but still I stand
im still one man
with my own chains

cant seem to break
what I've made

everybody loves you when
you pass away

Now ask away
if you think im ok

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preston McNeill
Good tone
Zace Fonseca
R.i.p X we love you man
-iSway- 17
Anyone Kwon what the instrumental is? 🖤
Michael Brumage
Rip x we are miss you it sucks u were trying to change 😓😭
Janet Odonnell
rip x
Janet Odonnell
We have never forgotten about xxxtantasion have we. NO!!!
Admian Seferovic
Jake can sing aggressive,sad,rap,....
Colton Hays
I miss x so much. His music and his mindset help through so much in life
Lil King
I feel some of the shit against him was fake and some of it was real, but he died a better person than a bad person... Almost 2 years and your still a legend X, RIP Jah...
gRa F
What is the name of the starting part?
Tbh I love this song it helps bc my gf just dumped me for someone else
Rip 😢 bon travaille 🤝 tu étais l'un des plus grand 👋
Fucking masterπ Lázók
😭 rip
Xavian Martinez
RIP xxxtentacion》■
》■ °
Abigayle Armstrong
Damn this hurt
Dr. ShuShu
rip kobe
Noah’s Music and More
Happy birthday to the legend
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Jake Hill & Josh A - Suicide Jake Hill - Rip X 1 year ago   03:01

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