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Jake Hill - Rip X | Jake Hill & Josh A - Suicide - At Up-Tube.com

Jake Hill - Rip X Jake Hill & Josh A - Suicide 8 months ago   02:40

Prod. Ocean beats

part of me just wishes i could
be a different kind of sinner

when bullets meet the opposition
man noones a winner

fucking up but swear to god
that I'll change it

give me a chance to win
your love and ill take it

im better now
riding round top down

made some mistakes
but im back up now

back up now
shut me down
thats ok its old news now

just watch me drown
you love to see that shit

finger out
while im sinking in

digging deeper
secret keeper

evil speaker
til I meet the reaper

draw my frown with
a permanent pen

search for peace
ill find it again

im blinded again
by violent words
oh god it hurts
but still I stand
im still one man
with my own chains

cant seem to break
what I've made

everybody loves you when
you pass away

Now ask away
if you think im ok

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CohenRyder -
Rip x 🤧🤧🤧🤧
RaeAnna's Critters
This song made me so sad and i cried. Also got chills and felt like i being hugged....by the legend himself
ᴇᴛΞʀɴɪᴛʏ • So2
RIP xxxtentacion😪😪😪😭😭😭
TheBuilder BoyLTU
I thought legends never die but its not true
gacha_ flower
1 like = to show all the crying souls to see that the once loved legend is no longer around....
People, I understand that it’s very difficult for you to survive his death, but you don’t need to get depressed and cut your veins for that either, it was difficult for me and at some point I wanted to put an end to my life, but I won’t return the legend anymore; ((((

Yea. Plis fock my ears
Kid: why do legends always die young
Mom: in a garden which flowers would you pick
Kid: the ugly ones why would I want ugly flowers in my beautiful garden😔

Long live this guys shitty fan base
Who comes back every once and awhile just to appreciate this great song about the greatest person ❤️
bir deil bin içerik
You King 🙏🚬❤
Mattimations YT
“Draw my frown with a permanent pen”
Dam that’s deep
Andrew Wendell
He was my everyday listen when he went... same with peep too really. Im glad I found this track man. Fukn for real👍
Bořek Nejedlý
whats the beat to this song?
"when the bullets meet the opsition man noones a winner"

Same say my dad
Elijah Gaming lit
Rip x...
Felipe lipe
good song
Jay Innocence raps
I hate when people say that he is a legend he is really far away from being one I'll name a few legends: kurt Cobain, queen,eminem,snoop dog and more like first of all x makes really shit music he just mumble raps which is annoying and aswell kurt Cobain inspired x aswell
To jake or anyone that still believe some of the shit u heard of x is true

While he has done some crazy shit that’s not forgivable or forgettable but a lot of shit that was said he isn’t true for instance when I appearently abuses his ex this was something that seemed closed even though jah even said he did so but janeva admitted in her live after the memorial incident that she lied and she admitted this because of her guilt I mean I would be guilty if I lied of being abused and even the person I did it to tries to defend my honor by saying he did it even tho he didn’t. I can’t tried to defend jah for the things he really done but don’t judge a book for its cover x tried to take his life 3 times because of things he’s done. No hate to jake or anyone else long live Jahseh Ricardo Dwayne Onfroy🦋🕊
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Jake Hill & Josh A - Suicide Jake Hill - Rip X 8 months ago   03:01

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