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Y Combinator
Jake Klamka founded Insight. Insight provides intensive 7 week professional training fellowships in fields such as data science and data engineering. Insight was in the YC Winter 2011 batch.

Kevin Hale is a Visiting Partner at YC. Before YC Kevin was the cofounder of Wufoo, which was funded by YC in 2006 and acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2011.

The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon -



00:00 - Kevin's intro

00:30 - Jake's intro

1:05 - Applying to YC with one product then changing it

3:30 - How Insight started

4:20 - Jake's first students and initial coursework

8:00 - Finding out what companies want from data scientists

10:00 - Picking the first class of students

11:30 - Common pitfalls for people transitioning into data science

14:30 - Types of data science roles

16:45 - What data scientists should look out for in companies

17:40 - Chuck Grimmett asks - When do you know you need to bring in seasoned data scientists?

20:00 - How Insight has scaled and changed

22:00 - What happens in the program

23:20 - Examples of a good project for a data science resume

25:50 - Will more data scientists be founders in the future?

28:00 - Teaching product

29:00 - Cleaning data

31:30 - Tools for tracking data

32:30 - Track what are you trying to optimize

35:20 - Churn and conversion

39:00 - Is there an ideal background for a data scientist?

41:00 - Which startups recruit well at Insight?

43:00 - Contracting

45:40 - Fields Jake is excited about

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Bianca A. - There's art to data science
There are many things I liked about this interview, and the short list is this:
1. the advice about side projects and curiosity (how they make candidates stand out)

2. the difference between an interesting-but-not-so-useful project (eg. analysis of the solar energy market) and an interesting-AND-useful one (eg. should I buy solar panels?)
3. great data scientists can come from all sorts of backgrounds (quantitative degrees but also humanities).

I only have one thing to add: when it comes to contracting (or consulting), I agree that it makes sense when prototyping. I also think it makes sense for small companies (both those who want to grow and especially those who are happy to stay small). Data science can be useful to any company, but, in some cases, it doesn't need 40 hrs/week to do its job. 😊

Disclaimer: I'm not a data scientist. I'm just a data science student. I might be wrong in what I said above.

Anyway, great video. Super useful. Thank you for posting it. Keep up the great work.
For someone who's trying to get into data science, this is super insightful.
Timothy Siwula
24:35 “Bad projects make you feel like and now I have homework.” Sooooo true on so many levels 😂😜🙈😝
Chris Brew
The cynic in me thinks the ones with wealth/power will try to maintain the status quo to maintain their place. Too much avarice/not enough altruism in this world. Hope I'm wrong about this, as well as UBI being something the opportunistic, that exploit people, will not want to succeed. I wonder why I even bother with ethics, these days.
Barbara Steiner-Klamka
Great interview Jake, Congratulations;)
T Antonio
Very humble founder. I really like the way he spoke about his ideas. 💡
Krishna’s Optimistic Life
Ycombintor is best and their videos are awesome 👏 my everyday routine is to see their videos atleast for 20 minutes. Thank you for making great content like this.
Wang Ruizhe
Room are kinda cold XD
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