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Meet the top 10 most expensive universities in the world.

Founded in 1885 and located in California, United States, it is the most expensive university in the world and also one of the most prestigious.

It was founded in 1861 as a result of the industrialization of the United States and is traditionally known for its research and education in physical sciences and engineering.

Located in Pasadena, United States and founded in 1891, it is also known as "Caltech" and its motto is "The truth will set you free."

It is a private university located in Chicago, United States and is one of the most recognized and prestigious in the world.

Founded in 1636 and located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. Harvard is possibly one of the most well-known and prestigious universities in the world, it is also one of the oldest higher education institutions in the United States.

It is the second oldest university in the world; it was founded in 1209 and is located in the city of Cambridge, England.

Founded in 1907 and located in London, England. Considered consistently among the top three universities in the United Kingdom. He has specialties in science, engineering, medicine and business sciences.

It is a public university founded in 1826 known as "the University of London" and is of course located in London, United Kingdom. The UCL is the third oldest university in England.

It is the oldest English-speaking University in the world. The date of foundation of this university is still a mystery, but there is evidence of teaching since 1096 and it is located in Oxford, England.

It was founded in 1991 and is located in Singapore. Although it is a young university, it is considered one of the best universities in the world and the fourth best in Asia.

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Steve Just Saying
19,000 a year on this list? What a joke, when many US colleges cost twice that! Click bait
Denise Mapendo
only london hhh
Adam A
All of this is false
Rae Rae M
wtf mine costs 52k per year
bruno mars
Brah so George Mason cost more than Oxford University?😂
Harley Quinn
In our country education is FREE.
Private schools are starts with $300 per year. The most expensive is $3,000 per year.
Roméo Vladimir
65k wooooow
faith b
Do they give scholarships? if yes, how can I apply?
Jabier Razak
None of these university teaches you fraction monetary system and who owns the federal reserve.... nor do tgey teach you the real history and who funded Hitler at the time of 2nd world war..

What's the use of qualification if truth is hidden.
Ishwar Yumnam
Well dude, ur rankings are all wrong. Frankly there are a lot of colleges with more than 50 grand a year. Sorry dude u got dis wrong
You only need $65,000.......

Eff Lambda
At least I got makerere University in Africa.
zuhaib koreie
bottom of the line you don't need university if you can pay that amount of money develop it with yourself
0:38 Studying in a bee hive be like
Smasher Omarion
muhammad zaid
H Hatim
I am a young man who is affectionate and romantic from Africa, Sudan. I studied tourism and hotels. I specialize in hospitality. I speak English language. I love to learn new languages, marriage and make up my family ... I love my grandfather if you want to help me teach her language. I am looking for love and sincerity. .. What was the age but new in uae
Mr I know it all k
When you realize you are not going to make it in any of the lowest unversity available .
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Here are six of the best reasons to stay in an inside stateroom on your next Royal Caribbean cruise!

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