Five Firsts for Mars InSight Impossible Muons 2 days ago   05:34

Mars InSight will be the first to detect seismic activity on Mars’ surface, first to measure rate of heat transmitted from interior, first to dig nearly 5m down, first to measure magnetic fields on Mars’ surface, and first to use a robotic arm to place instruments on the surface of Mars (assuming it lands of course…)

If you want to watch the InSight landing “live” (with 4-minute speed of light time delay), go to:

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Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd

Animations courtesy of NASA

Script and Filming with Raquel Nuno

Editing and graphics by Ignat Berbeci

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Swarala Koyilalu
You made me love SCIENCE
Ganaram Inukshuk
Veritasium: We put a seismometer on Mars.
Me: wait, eggs spin differently if they're boiled?
Joaquin Sotomayor Escudero
No one:
Veritasium: *Marsquakes*
James Armstrong
Mole is stuck who would have guessed pounding a tent stake might have a problem - the fix is making another CGI that drives the mole into the eye of godzilla so that engineers will have 2 more years of data taking.
Mars Z
It did hit a rock, you to blame LOL
Can't See Anymore
Mars "cleaning event!" 😂😆😂
Strolling Hillbilly
Insight is doing such great work
Nisco Racing
Nice "Ghost Effect" Derek.
Mixed Reality Sim Racing
InSight is boring
I learned something new and interesting. I am happy.
dylan fritz
Dude... the curiosity rover is gonna have a friend now. That’s cute af.
Said Rehber
A ball with inner surface made of mirrors and no way for the light to go out. If some how inside this ball and at the canter of it a light omits then what would happen to that light since it has no where to go.
Thousand years from now,human will establish a new planet to live on, and at that very moment, the flat Mars movement shall arise. Wait wait what?
Pemila Gunasekera
I hope at least now scientists will find the evidence of hell which is in the MARS and its life forms.
It surprises me that being a scientist, or doing videos talking about the effort of thinking and how to develop intelligence, and other stuff related with science, you believe in NASA and dont put to work the things that you promote
Hopefully storms and winds won't destroy or put it out of commission.
Informative Video, I liked it as always! What bugged me a bit: "We really don't know, otherwise what would be the point of the experiment." Expected or not, either way it would clarify it, that's one of the things science does after all.
Archana Dash
Hey Veritasium ! Why is it a trouble if we hit a rock ? Isn't it possible for the InSight to change the position of the thermal sensor , since it is tethered ?
Seismometer Has been placed, now for wind shield :o
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Impossible Muons Five Firsts for Mars InSight 2 days ago   04:34

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