Puckleberry make out scene & dream GLEE- Rachel and Puck Break 3 months ago   01:36

Navita M
Because this isn't on here. ಠ_ಠ
And because I need to show my non-Glee pal.

Love me some Puckleberry.

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samantha menard
‘you wanna make up?’

it’s funny that Puck’s family is Jewish, but eating sweet and sour pork.
Amerah Hanks
I love glee
Pinkalicious Yesterday
Rachel’s outfit is cute!
Erica Martinez
that was so wrong of his mom to say that to him. he must've been a mama's boy on some level to consider it even with the dream. wonder what would've happened during the breakup if he'd brought thaqt up. oh well, us puckleberry shippers can dream right?
Seti Gafa
love it
Seti Gafa
love it
“The good lord wanted me to get into her pants”
Taylor Brown
C. O. Ruiz
I remember that this episode was my motivation to sleep shirtless. I was 13 years old; I thought Puck looked manly and I just wanna be like him.
Elyse. Lol
They were so cute together
Ruby Steinem
The fact that this is "age-restricted" is honestly hilarious
Adelaida Jimenez
I shipped them sucks they didn’t last longer 😭😍
Veda Mahadan
Ali Barlow
Why didn't that stay together longer and I totally ship them😍😖
Hayley Schneider
I shipped them together more than I did Finn and Rachelle
tiedye 1
I could only imagine what lea and mark felt after and during
Amirah Edmond
Game Of Gleek
"I knew it was a dream because there was no way Rachel could have climbed up the wall outside my window with no shoes on" 😂😂
Just love the fact that the only thing that seams unrealistic to him is Rachel climbing shoeless, not even the fact that she's breaking into his room in the middle of the night 😂😂
The Macabre Curiosity
“Why can’t you date a jewish girl?” 😂😂😂😂 i love this scene
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GLEE- Rachel and Puck Break Puckleberry make out scene & dream 3 months ago   01:50

From Season 1 Episode 8 "Mash-Up", aired October 21th, 2009.