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A standoff over humanitarian aid is deepening as Venezuela's political crisis plays out on the country's border. A convoy with desperately-needed aid remains stuck at the Colombian border city of Cucuta. Venezuela's government, led by Nicolas Maduro, has ordered the army not to allow the convoy in. The aid has been organised by the United States and Venezuela's opposition, who want to see Maduro removed from power. Now Venezuela's military has to choose whether to obey government orders or let the aid pass.

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Shuhao Lu
Politics aside, why is the woman wearing a shirt with an anime girl in front of the us flag thats says New York
club dore
The world is waking up!!!! France suport this, while thier people are fighting in thier own streets. Macron is fighting in Venezuela!
Too much oil in Venezuela to give up now...
Yahya Shabazz
You mean the bridge that has been closed since last year???
Fedor Kuznetsov
UN organization, American, Columbian and Brazilian Air Force must provide air bridge for humanitarian assistance delivery. But criminal regimes - Maduro and Putin will try to stop this operation. Venezuela's border must be blocked for Russian planes and ships, because they are delivering troops, weapons and money (stolen from Russian people) for regime assistance.
Cooper Johnson
Oh how nice socialism is.
igor bgd
igor bgd
For 30milion people they send 'help' for 5000 people for 10days? Joke!
super mario
just ignore the fact that the bridge in question has not been operational long before the so called aid tried coming through.
Deshour Robinson
Learn how to grow your own food that all
kevin jansen
Hanss ofss venezuela
Fabio Giovanni
Isn't it US imposes economics sanctions on Venezuela and tells anyone elses not to trade with them? Yet US is telling the world, "we're helping Venezuela with aids". Leave them alone. Let them trade with whoever they want. US has done enough damage to many countries already. Enough is enough!
im miata mike
If we all drove Teslas we don't need to worry about so much Oil
Alex 10,000
Stay strong Venezuela. Keep these americans out. Countries that support Venezuelas stand come show support.
more peopaganda
Kevin Flores
All these comments are from liberals😂.

God people, when will you learn. No matter what happens. This country is gonna go to war. If it does, the US is going to intervene. Yeah they’ll send troops. But knowing how trump is. He is gonna want to go to war to stay in power. So really there’s no choice but to let the aid go through and overthrow the dictatorship.
Fuck You
F*** them people let them starve to death
Hans B.
Das Bild ist nicht der Beweis fuer die Story. Diese grenzuebergangsbruecke ist seit fertigstellung in 2016 geschlossen, also bisher u genutzt. Reine Stummngsmache .
Yobby The Thot Hunter
1:45 anime
The reporter is hot.
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Will Trump Pursue Military Venezuela blocks US aid transports | DW News 2 days ago   06:28

PERSPECTIVES | Trump has allegedly mulled the idea of sending a military force to Venezuela to bring down Maduro and restore order. Would he do it and what would be the consequences? How are locals handling the situation and the rumor? Venezuela-based journalist Stefano Pozzebon analyzes.


International clamor for snap elections in Venezuela intensified Monday as European powers recognized opposition chief Juan Guaido as interim leader after President Nicolas Maduro rejected their ultimatum to call presidential polls.

Spain, Britain and France were among 15 EU nations to side with Guaido on Monday. But key Maduro ally Russia slammed European 'interference' in the oil-rich but impoverished Latin American country, saying it was an attempt 'to legitimize usurped power'.

Guaido thanked each EU country in turn on Twitter 'for supporting all Venezuelans in this struggle we undertake to rescue our nation's democracy, freedom and justice'.

Claiming his legitimacy from the constitution, the 35-year-old National Assembly leader shocked the world when he proclaimed himself interim president on January 23, setting up a tense standoff with Maduro.

Both men headed rival massive street rallies in Caracas on Saturday. Despite Guaido's pleas for their support, the armed forces — the country's key power — have remained loyal to Maduro.

The opposition leader has expressed confidence he will win the backing of senior officers after a top air force general publicly sided with him on Saturday.

Guaido is trying to force from power the socialist leader — labelled a dictator by the West and his Latin American neighbors after presiding over Venezuela's economic collapse — aiming to set up a transitional government and hold new presidential elections.

'We want freedom and democracy to return to Venezuela ASAP,' said Stef Blok, foreign minister of the Netherlands which was among the EU states to recognize Guaido.

'Last chance for the corrupt Maduro regime to choose the path of democracy,' Denmark's Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen tweeted.

After announcing Madrid's recognition of Guaido, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said he wanted Spain to spearhead a plan of humanitarian aid for Venezuela in the European Union and United Nations.

A defiant Maduro reserved particular anger for Sanchez.

'No-one puts an ultimatum on Venezuela, neither you Mr. Pedro Sanchez nor anyone else in the world.'

He said the Spanish leader was 'a wimp who puts himself at the service of Washington's warmongering'.

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