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Venezuela Blocks Us Aid Transports | Dw News | Russian Bomber Touches Down - At Up-Tube.com

Venezuela blocks US aid transports | DW News Russian bomber touches down 1 day ago   05:48

DW News
A standoff over humanitarian aid is deepening as Venezuela's political crisis plays out on the country's border. A convoy with desperately-needed aid remains stuck at the Colombian border city of Cucuta. Venezuela's government, led by Nicolas Maduro, has ordered the army not to allow the convoy in. The aid has been organised by the United States and Venezuela's opposition, who want to see Maduro removed from power. Now Venezuela's military has to choose whether to obey government orders or let the aid pass.
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Comments 1522 Comments

You cannot call a country with the world's biggest oil reserves as ''rag''
Venezuela has only to get China and Russia to help them manage the country - economy and militarily, and with 10 years they'll one of the richest countries in the Latin Americas
Jason Davila
You know who is in obvious crisis?? The imperialist regime of the US
Mønzurul Hasan
USA stay out of Venezuela 🇻🇪
carmie Benz
China will give them rice and Russia will give them sour crowt.
carmie Benz
China will give them rice and Russia will give them sour crowt.
Micheal Boyd
The people in veaacawela will get cheap food. And rent and. Live stock s and wat that bead or you big shouts will git a blast from the higher thin NAZA. I GO UP HIGHER. AND FIND SOMETHING ON THE BACK SIDE OF THE GALEXEY
Jason miller
Thành Võ Minh
use airplanes drop items
mac 187
@ yo at 1:47 thaz Michael Jackson
Thunder Rolls Media
Obama Clone^
Blacklist Lifestyle Co
Where is Pablo Escobar when needed.
Andres Sanchez
What if instead of trucks they do an airlift the only way to stop a plane is to shoot it down.shooting the plane down could start a battle battle starting a war.the last thing venezuela needs is war.the venezuelan gov. cant even feed its people how is it going to fight a prolonged war with the u.s.
S.S. H-Whitehorse
I heard or should I say haven seen videos and pictures showing markets full of food. It's just those poor people who live off the government. So one sided story. Truth. America is trying to send military support. I. E. Weapons to overturn mudiro. Side side. It's weapons in those so called aid shipments. Give it to the Red Cross or u. N. Hello.
Peko Dapcevic
Peko Dapcevic
M4 ASH Mash
America please help your own veterans ex army's... who are on the streets homeless and hungry...help American poor vulnerable citizens first ..thank you Mr president Donald trump..
Kalvin The Blue
Good for them.
sky 1877
How this peice of trash live with himself knowing Venezuela people are in need of meds and food and yet he's being a dog not to let in the shipment to help his people ... What an evil beast ...... They need to inforce him out of office ......
Wyatt Earp
Anyone knows why GOD has blessed USA and doesn’t bless comunists atheist countries. USA is the richest and most powerful country of the world. GOD bless USA and ISRAEL!
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Russian bomber touches down Venezuela blocks US aid transports | DW News 1 day ago   04:14

Russian President Vladimir Putin is on America's doorstep in Venezuela with nuclear-capable bombers that can fly twice the speed of sound. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

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