FREESKIER vs. GERMAN SKI-INSTRUCTOR | TURN 2020 Arctic Cat Snow Lineup 10 months ago   14:11

World Skiers League
FREESKIER vs. GERMAN SKI-INSTRUCTOR | Bastian Brutzer vs. Marius Quast - a real friends battle! Who will make it?
World Skiers League – Turn Battles 2018/19:

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This turn battle of the WSL took place in Sölden at great conditions in pre-season. Winner: 2 pt., Looser: 1 pt. (if finished without falling), Looser: 0 pt. (with fall), Draw: 1 pt. (same average score)

Big thanks to the Athletes:

Bastian Brutzer:

Marius Quast:

And big thanks to the Host and Camera Team:

Julian Witting:

Kilian Northoff:

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Comments 45 Comments

9859 is my pest turn,
This winter I'm waiting on web and piste.
Will Wanovich
I like the idea of a carving battle but using some stupid app is just a bad idea, what even is is scoring based on because Bastian didn't make even one turn that was even decently respectable. Marius made really good turns the entire way and adjusted turn shape and style as the hill changed, let alone that his technique was quite good.
Pejan Tesic
Germans speaking English to each other, cutest thing in the world.
Steve Hultquist
Proof that the PIQ doesn't measure what's important. Marius was *FAR* more skilled than Bastian, but the measurements clearly favored the short turns, which isn't appropriate. Instead, the measurement should adjust based on different turn radii. The better skier is the one who is able to ski the broadest range of turn shape in the broadest conditions. Disappointing, frankly.
Edward Fagerström
Now get out of my recommendations
Brian Ho
When I have some knowledge about ski, I can tell the difference between two skiers. It makes more interesting to watch two approach for two skiing styles. Although the later has higher scores, I like the former skier (more strong medium carving turn, with sharp carve angle cutting into snow). It looks more grand!
Peter Martin
Any moron can ski well on those short fat skis. Actually I think the skier who is smoother/more stable/elegant is the best skier, so the lower the piq score the better. If they wanted a real contest they should have had each skier ski down the unprepared slope to the left, looking up the main run at for example 3:29. The skier who lays down nicer tracks wins.
Josh McNulty
longest build up ever
Athos Triglianos
For all those who say freeskiers are just crazy dudes without technique.
Not surprisingly, the ski instructor had better technique. He showed the ability to cleanly carve powerful turns of all types, whereas the "freeskier" stuck to shorter radius turns throughout. The freeskier had more upper body movement and smeared his turns on occasion rather than carving.
Holger Branding
Nicht nur das Englisch, auch die Technik sollte man nicht nachahmen. Vielleicht mal Reilly McGlashan gucken?
Ve have a saying in mein country . . . to turn is to admit defeat.
Tim Wöhrmann
Sorry Mann, aber dein Englisch.. Trotzdem absolut geil🔥🔝
Why does everybody in Germany talk like Arnold Schwarzenegger?
ziggy matuszewski
This is my second comment. This time regarding the technic of both skiers. instructor had by far much better technic of skiing . Nice smooth turns and great transitions from turn to turn, where as the free rider was making fast and frequent turns using rather poor technic probably because of speed. His turns were pretty much the same all the way to the finish where as instructor was changing his turns from big ones to small ones and the other way around . if i had to pick a winner based on technic and speed I would pick an instructor. nether the less whole event was a lot of fun and i liked the idea of friendly competition on the slopes. great show!!! and thanks for the video.
ziggy matuszewski
that was pretty good !!!! i wonder where one can buy this PIQ robot?
I understand worldwide people want to speak English. With the world shrinking it makes sense we want to communicate with as wide an audience as possible. I also understand the American "bro" culture is big in what are considered in the USA as extreme sports. I ski and mountain bike here in the US, and even though I'm a 50ish guy, am still called "dude", man" and "bro" all the time. That's OK I guess, even though the people doing it act a bit childish. This video would have been better if the bro stuff was toned down. It seems forced. You're German, and that's great. Stick to it.
Brendan Garry
slvsh for pussies
Lukas Oberhauser
Bitte auf Deutsch nächstes mal weil das Englisch dich echt falsch und überbetont anhört.
Kenneth M
10:21 - it means - he stays at the upper ski.
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2020 Arctic Cat Snow Lineup FREESKIER vs. GERMAN SKI-INSTRUCTOR | TURN 10 months ago   11:40

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