Should You Buy TESLA STOCK at $180!? Tesla China Gigafactory Production 1 day ago   10:58

Pineapple Stocks reviews if purchasing TESLA $TSLA here at $180 dollars is a good purchase price or not.
What stop loss should you set?

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It ISN'T SAFE. Elon musk himself said Tesla autopilot is decades away from being safe


- safety car accidents:
Tesla pinned pregnant woman against wall:
almost a head-on collison:
cleaning all the cameras or autopilot will kill you or others.?
Already crashed in China
Tesla unreliable electronic lockups error codes
Tesla unreliable
Tesla unreliable from Consumer Reports:

slides from road:
Accident nightmare
Tesla autopilot is unreliable
Tesla autopilot is not ready and kills its drivers


- man dies inside and fire reignites 3 times

- lithium batteries burn hot like napalm, and after being put out, may reignite.

- Lethal
- annoying:
- Update fail creates a bricked car:
- Tesla crash compilation
99999 66666
Ohhhh God another1!! Its so Overrated people gotta stop making Tesla Videos on technicals/pricing/fundamentals/sentiments... Let the market do its magic poor fools!!!!!
Bones Jones
Addam K
I feel if it breaks the support of 180 the next support comes only at the 140 level . Something on the fundamentals have to change for buyers to gain back control , till then I think the bears will regain control
great analysis
Varun Keshri
I don't think TESLA will be back to $280 Next 3 months
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Tesla China Gigafactory Production Should You Buy TESLA STOCK at $180!? 1 day ago   07:31

Lets take a look at pace of the construction of the Tesla China Giga factory.

Looking at estimated production, revenue and profit.

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