Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode Game of Thrones 8x04 Rhaegal 1 day ago   08:37

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Matt Woodward
Holy shit benios has the most annoying fucking face, i just wanna hit it repeatedly. Goofy bastard.
Oh, my sweet summer child, what do you know about disappointment? Disappointment is for the short night, when Jon did nothing and Arya fell a hundred feet from nowhere. Disappointment is for the characters, whose arcs are built up for years only to be instantly regressed and plot lines are born and live and die all in nothingness. That is the time for disappointment, my queen, when the White Walkers never make it past Winterfell.

Thousands of years ago, there came lazy writers that destroyed an entire series. Fans raged about no set up, payoff or logic, same as the cast members in their interviews. And parents smothered their Khaleesis rather than see them watch Season 8, and wept and felt the tears of disappointment on their cheeks.

In that darkness, the Show Runners came for the last time. They rushed through season 8 without care, leaving coffee cups and water bottles, riding off to Star Wars to “subvert more expectations”.
Dev Sukhija
Game of Thrones: Season 8 (Music from the HBO Series)
Mridul Sharma
5:51 this is absolutely shit
David Stonecipher
Trash. Im throwing out all 7 seasons in the trash. Thanks for ruining my favorite show. Un subbed, cancelled my hbo, and will fever disrespect all parties involved. Fuck got
05:51 D&D kind a gorgot about how to write
D. Eris
"She feels like the odds are actually pretty good for her at this point." Of course, the scorpions were shown to kill dragons easily even when those dragons are in the air, mid flight. She also "saw the end of the Dorthraki" (well, essentially), so her army has taken a major hit, too. Cersei in the meantime has built up her army and defenses, so clearly this is going to be an even fight. Oh wait, dragons are invincible again. Oh wait, Dany has her entire army back again. I guess you guys must've ... kinda forgot.
So D&D are basically saying that Jamie just admired Brienne and didn't realise what he was doing?! Its like in their minds it was always going to be Cersei, you know what fuck you
Dilyar Yusupov
Im realy confused. I love this show so much and Im forever gratefull for your amazing job. However sometimes things sound so silly. I would rather wait another decade and watch good old GOT where everything is well-considered
Mohammad Alqahtani
Apple Inc
Stinky D Shinjin
5:51 and so the meme was born
Andres the giant
Dany forgot? more they forgot how to write a good show.
Dave Davidson
"Dany FORGOT about the iron fleet" - David Benioff 5/5/19... never forget
Doxil vik
Epic failed HBO! you know u wasted my 9 years! Mother fucker!!! 😡 ending season like my shit in the toilet
Something Something Something
It's all so fucking stupid.
Maryam Dadar
That was the most pointless, illogical scene in GOT history. George would never write something so shoddy. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Adam Sterdam
Médydy elice
you guys are trash
5:51 : the meme we all came for
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Game of Thrones 8x04 Rhaegal Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 1 day ago   02:43

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