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Trump Will Face Pressure | Trump Rips London Mayor: - At Up-Tube.com

Trump Will Face Pressure TRUMP RIPS LONDON MAYOR: 1 day ago   07:02

Bloomberg Markets and Finance
Jun.04 -- David Rubenstein, co-founder and co-executive chairman at The Carlyle Group, discusses the prospect of a U.S.-China trade deal and his outlook for U.S. economic growth. He speaks on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas."

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Basically Trump will cave to get a deal done so he can get reelected.
John Chang
It’s in China’s best interest to negotiate a deal with the US since were their biggest customer. The underlying fundamentals of the US are not good. US dollar being worlds reserve is absolutely paramount and when that goes away it’s not going to pretty. But the world is so interconnected to each other that they all rely on each other. The US has about 400 million people China has a few billion. That’s a big difference market wise. They could start dumping US treasuries or even threaten it but why would they want to hurt their biggest trade partner. That would be financial suicide. Problem with the US is that we’re not really willing to take on short term pain for longer term gain. These record low interest rates are not sustainable. The Ponzi scheme of the federal reserve is going to end at some point and the crash, I believe, will be worse than 2008.
Austin Lee
Waves those tariff imposed on China goods. Then we can now start a new trade deal. No deal is better than bad deal. Donald Trump doesn't keep his words.
Darko Fius
.....Sanctions on Russia, Washington engaged Tokyo, Brussels and others, EU shredded in this futility about 240 billion, Japan 27 billion, like brothers in arms, but Washington only 17 billion , others are keeping their numbers under wraps, else everybody will be laughing on naivete of modern day EU political elites in particular, but Washington did very well, it spend 16 times less than naive serfs and vassals. Most spectacular iceman is Canada's Mr. Trudeau, skateman extraordinaire, his eyebrows are lashed to these in Washington policy strategist. Perhaps Canadians are not aware of the extent of damages average political intelligence man has made together with his cronies, now he is exposed to whims of Washington, and Peking does not need to waste time on his palabras.
Now with China, the game is not as simple, it cost a ton of money...
Warren Mundell
Trump needs a deal more than Xi. Higher tariffs will surely bring on recession in the US. You guys are sugar coating the US problem.
Lime Books
China may want a deal, but Trump doesn't. He is going for the jugular. He wants to pull investment, factories, out of China and he wants to take the steam out of the Chinese market, as it teeters on the edge of bust.
Ricardo Liu
You Jews have to go back to China. because in the West he does not accept you. they just want their money. in its history, China and one of the ninth Jewish tribe. Now you have to go back to China. and to abandon these barbarian west tribes.
Hoehner Tim
After watching this I'd have to guess Dave signed a prenup that gave his wife everything.
johan qian
one more piece of information is disclosed here,the us economy relies on debt and printing of papers
Marc Lim
You cannot trust Trump. He is trying to regain piblic confidence now towards 2020 election. Thereafter he will resume his nonsense so I believe China is not going down this route. A short term pain is preferred.
Frank Q
Why I begin to think doing business is very easy in United States........even people with no credit like Trump could be a billionaire.....
Sicheng Chen
I don’t think China will sign a deal since deals and international trade laws means nothing to the us. What s the point to sign one if Trump can revoke anytime he wants.
johan chandra
I believe that China will wait until donald trump step down.
m p13r1
Trump is holding off a trade deal to time a rally going into the election. Too soon and sentiment fizzles out before voting and he loses. China holding off a deal because US are arrogant and insulting, with no tact, and they can wait until later in the year by weakening their currency, then pull the trigger to hurt Trump's base and US economy before election.
Everyone's economy weakens, so we all lose, but who loses most, and does China end up on top when the dust settles in 5-10years.
Douglas Wong
50 Trillions, we need another war to get more “ZER0s” to the Trillions and than?
Sermsak Songsiridej
Optimism brings hope. Problem is China wants a deal different from what US wants. China is presently quite comfortable with deals it is making worldwide. A trade deal with US is not as urgent as the one Mexico is guarding.
kenzo ng
"greedybastards.com" , "wakeupkiwi.com". America really better than the rest of the World? Yes ,it's very good @ looting the world
Phu Jonathan
US want to be a top dog . increase your population to 1.4 billion you will stay on top forever .
Anaru Ngamotu
So you expecting China to come to the table after TRUMP shot Xi in the foot..Its TRUMP that's DESPERATE for a DEAL I dont China really cares if they get one or not...Trump in the end will take anything to claim a DONE DEAL...that's what you call the ART of the DEAL...yea rite.
I think both China and the USA need to learn how to live without each other economically... no one wants to hear that but that is our reality moving forward.

No deal. Agree to disagree. May the best system win.
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TRUMP RIPS LONDON MAYOR: Trump Will Face Pressure 1 day ago   34:42

President Trump on Tuesday, in a press conference with outgoing U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, ripped into his British left-wing critics, saying that the anti-Trump politicians are a "negative force" -- and confirmed that he had snubbed the leader of the opposition Labour Party when he sought a sit-down.

"I don't know Jeremy Corbyn, never met him, never spoke to him, he wanted to meet today or tomorrow and I decided I would not do that," Trump told reporters at the London press conference.