Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams LUMEN «Sid & Nancy» (из 9 months ago   05:46

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Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dream on the Main Stage on Friday at Reading 2013. For more exclusive videos and photos from Reading + Leeds 2013, check out

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Ayush Verma
The crowd sings more than half the song than the singer
What a legendary song
Ayush Verma
No mobiles
No flashlight
No naked girls
No bad words
100% talent
I find it inspiring how people dealing with everyday shit come together to sing a song.

Just something about it :-)
Gaming FREAK
The title of the video is should be:
"The crowd performs the Boulevard of Broken Dreams"...
Diego Jose Bate
Ahhhhh, I haven’t heard of Green Day’s songs in a while!
Kaja H
I’ve watched this like a billion of times.. i’ts getting better every time
When he smiles he reminds me of Dean Winchester.
Parkour with Toni
Goosebumps on 0:13
Batiehope MSP
Also Billie: still looking hella cute
Me: still fangirling 😞
Eva Potzel
Wow! Genau das ist die Magie eines Live-Konzerts: die Interaktion zwischen Künstlern und Publikum! Einfach toll!!! :-)
Cristhian Cusme
1:07 Pepper Potts?
saif khan
2:10 O_O
yo yi
Why it's my favourite vid on YouTube and I want to hear it again and again?
cyanide and happiness
40 and rocking
울거같네 갑자기
Ahmad Dasuki
I walk alone i walk alone
Sigit Sanjaya
Last time i watch this video it has 5,5 million, now it has 23 million

Parvez Alam
Honest Engineering Placements AIB🤩
Mohd lanton
Adrian Almario
Still have a good voice
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LUMEN «Sid & Nancy» (из Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams 9 months ago   03:37

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