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Kuzo Tatayami
rc car
this dude straight up met with the cops from superbad
Brad Callahan
Speeding. I’ve never written a citation for it. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Lol cops at my country often hide behind bushes.etc ahead of sudden traffic checkpoint to catch motorcyclist who are trying to U turn to avoid the check.

Its not even unusual for them to flat the tires of those motorist who try to escape by parking their motorcycle in food stalls, pretending to be customer (Which well to be fair look so damn obvious with all the sudden influx of customer to the stalls.)

There even a case where the police deliberately kicked a motorist as he was trying to avoid the checkpoint, which goes viral for a while...

Knowing this, I dropped my jaw when I heard a reddit story about car getting fined in Japan. Where the driver were stopped far ahead, then just need to be told to drive to the writing desk about 2km from there to receive his ticket.. And he freakin comply with it.. Stopped at the said desk, receive his ticket to pay fine, apologized and bowed the desk officer, then carried on with his journey..
Whit *
No cop agrees that marijuana should NOT be Federally illegal? SMH...The punishment is worse than the crime... and Jimmy Carter agreed… People going to jail over a damn joint… Come on guys that’s got a change… Alcohol is so much worse how come nobody gets that… Especially cops!
Whit *
Good for you to the cop who became a documentary filmmaker… You see the corruption that went on and you did something about it… Addicts need help not JAIL ..And marijuana… Real cannabis… It’s probably one of the most harmless drugs that exist… Including prescription drugs… I’m surprised I didn’t see any cops say that that is the one law ,,the main law ,,that is wrong... it is still federally illegal everywhere and that needs to change… So a cop is OK with someone getting drunk but God for bid we smoke a damn joint ! Thx for Brainwashing America… To the government Nixon and Reagan
Dawna Kern
My son was deployed to Iraq in 2006-2008, during the war. We had a going away party for him. I printed notices for all my neighbors with my phone number, I talked with every neighbor that was next to my house. We had a boom box, loud but not loud enough for me to hear it in the house. We had security in the form of soldiers in their dress uniform making under age kids did not drink alcohol. I had 2 cops roll up at 9:27 p.m. giving me a ticket for noise. When we went to court our son had just come home from boot camp and had a stress fracture in his hip from a grueling run. He was in his BDU's and on crutches, his father and I were by his side, dressed nice. He was called up in the middle and his father told the story, gave him printouts of the flyers, had signed statements from all of our direct neighbors and we explained everything I just said here. The judge had us sit down. Not one person was being let off with no fine. We were terrified because the fine was $1701.00. At the end he came off the bench and gave my son his hand and thanked him for his service and said that their would be no fine. He thanked both his father and I for doing everything right in the party we had for him and said the cops were a "disgrace".
"dogs in his system"
I am once again astounded at how communist dystopia some US cities seem to be. Actual laws against _how tall your grass can be?_
Seth Poepke
"Police officers of Reddit"
*I didn't know Reddit had a police department*
John Doe
Pigs are dirty.
James Slick
"Synthetic Dogs" is a good name for a band.
Those damned dog tests
My mom was arrested shortly after I was born because my dad forgot to pay the hospital bill for my birth and didn’t tell her she was summoned to court through the mail. Since she didn’t go to court, she was taken to jail until Dad came to get her half a day later. She told me that the police officer who arrested her was *furious* and embarrassed because he didn’t think it was right, but he had to do it because it was the law. He was constantly shaking his head, apologizing, and saying it was SO stupid.
the first one was basically North Korea inside a prison
Weird Smiling Guy
I'm sorry,FBI agent watching my phone
Internet in a Nutshell Channel
These are wholesome police stories.
Reddit Studio
To be a police officer itself
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Deer law
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