my brother KSI ⍣CONFIRMED⍣ PewDiePie is in Fortnite. - Season 6 days ago   09:28


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Quinn Field
I think what Deji is saying is true, and Ksi definitely needs to make some changes. But damn give the guy a chance people. Don’t go in on him and give him hate now. There brothers, they’ll sort things out. He stood up for himself, and I’m not discouraging that. But next time do it in private. This will be on the internet forever, that you had this fight, you don’t want to look back at this to show your grandkids, calling each other out. That’s your business, not ours. I’m not for anyone, I’m just stating my opinion and how I would personally deal with this.
Allan Henriques
Publicity stunt?
Ali Hashmi
Can't lie i can relate
Cool Videos
Deji vs Ksi boxing fight
Unsurprisingly a youtuber has a massive ego and forgets how to interact with people normally
listen to scru face diss track on ksi
Anne Frank
Waiting for KSI diss track on deji
Tristan Dumas
Ksi good to trash
Tristan Dumas
Family first friends second the fuck ksi why did u forget your brother
Denk Scheet
When your brother takes the last pizza slice
Rose Gold
If this wasn’t about views bro, you’d just fight your brother no cameras win lose or draw Hug say you love each other and that’s that. it’s clearly about views and it’s sad. You can’t say family over friends then make a diss track with your friends about your family..
babyfacedliv x
I’m confused what’s happened between them both?
Its MekoBuii
Family always comes first ALWAYS.
Supersam Kennedy
I don’t like deji but god damn I feel the same way about my brother
Gabe Savva
When ur brother snitches on you for not letting him on the Xbox
Asha Kaur
Why is all this even fucking happening hate them arguing 😢
Dolan Brun
Idk why, but most vids I watch of Deji's I feel like in some way have fake emotions or are faked in some form (fake laughs, etc.) but this time it's painfully obvious that there's no bullshittin goin on. And that doesn't mean that I don't like Deji, he's a strong, funny dude that has never given up and has always been there for the ones he cares about. So I might have not always have been a subscriber of Deji, but I can say i've always supported him. Hell, I've always supported both of them. It's sad to see this going on when I can remember back to the good ol' 2012 days when y'all would play amnesia or dick around on FIFA. I'm sure things will get better tho, brothers are brothers, you never forget them.
Louise Ansell
greedo and rango
Mad respect for you deji. Good to see you stand up for yourself. JJ does think he's amazing at everything. Hope he learns a lesson soon when logan and ksi fight again.
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⍣CONFIRMED⍣ PewDiePie is in Fortnite. - Season my brother KSI 6 days ago   15:51

fortnite season 7 new skin confirmed pewdiepie epic vicotry
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