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I Got Pulled Over...kinda | Ride Of The Legends 2019! Los Angeles - At Up-Tube.com

I got pulled over...kinda RIDE of the LEGENDS 2019! Los Angeles 1 day ago   03:25

Chris Johnson
First interaction I've had with an officer since I started driving and riding.
Went about as well as I expected but you can tell I still got a bit nervous...nobody's good the first time ;)

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Hey Chris Johnson, would you mind if I use this vid in my new compilation channel? I'll give you full credit in the vid/description (with a link to your channel) of course.
Pincalo The DrivingApe man
Thats where the CP cops park, at that intersection.
Right where you popped out from between the tracks.
Same with the rail station off bond st. And next to Riverside. But if you ride into the park, and go back behond the skate park, the woods are JUST thin enough to get your bike through. Just watch out for the hidden bog.
Yung Snake
nice waterloo me and buddies all ride crf250ls over here in Brantford, lucky that cop was nice
UBP Operator
Another Ontario rider!
Riley Ethridge
Nice to see a local one lol I flipped out when I seen it in a compilation video its actually cool AF when you see something from your hometown if you know you know Atleast he was cool about it
Jack Z
I see that’s a klx 250 how do you like it? Don’t know if I should get a wr, crf450l, or ktm 500/690.
At least he let you go! Lol. I've had reasonably good interactions with Waterloo regional so far. Pretty level headed dudes.
U in Ontario.......I'm a few hours away from u
Moto Madness
Hey Chris, would u mind if I feature this in a cops vs bikers edit. Linked and credited. Thanks, MM
DirtBike Lunatic
Hey Chris! May I feature it in compilation? Credited of course
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RIDE of the LEGENDS 2019! Los Angeles I got pulled over...kinda 1 day ago   11:09

Ride of the legends is a stunter motorcycle event put on by the LA Stunt Riders to remember our friends Capone, Rocko, and Bconn.

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The stunt riding scene in California has always been one of the best in the world. The riders and motorcycles are all so nice and get to ride year round. They do not have a winter and get to practice their wheelies, burnouts, stoppies and drifting all 12 months of the year. Motorcycle stunts like these in this motovlog are done by highly trained motorcycle specialists. This motovlog was filmed with my new GoPro Hero 7 black. You should always wear protective riding gear when learning a new trick including, a DOT approved helmet, riding gloves, Kevlar jeans, motorcycle jacket, and ankle high rider's shoes. Tires also should be at the proper PSI to ensure good traction to the ground.

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