TRIES SPORTS NEWS 4 Bongino Rips Obama for Blasting 2 months ago   06:09


Only eat the cream off a trifle? This is Tries Sports News.

The True Geordie:
Stephen Tries:
Laurence McKenna:

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Kyle Carson
Has nobody noticed the length of the video?
Goobachi Fozzie
This is great
Stephen looks 14 and 32 at the same time
Free Tommy Robinson
How did you get C Engineer on the show?
Simon Lockyer
Michael Buffer discusses his new life as a clown doing sign language... lets get ready to Mr. Tumble
keelan neary
Michael Buffer is angry... let’s get ready to grumble
Matthew Hernandez
His fake american accent triggers me
Laurence the type of guy to put a cardigan on a fridge when it's freezing.
Scott Farrell
1:09 Classic 😂😂😂😭
Graham Broome
Verrucas are viral not fungal. 0161 need to check your facts.
Jamie Sweeney
Can we all take a second to congratulate Lawrence on becoming the new host of Radio 1s Breakfast Show?!!
Jack Farmer
This is the only sports news show I actually watch or believe
Oi formula one is good, unfollowing
Captain Insane
NBGay had me dead😂
Dark Fire
Man Stephen is hilarious. One of the best youtubers right now.
Richard Readey
hahahah "Lawreeeeence"
Declan Mcneil
Laurence shouldn't be on this get off the camera n sit behind it fs u and ur face is just annoying ur patter is just shite man like fu.k off no one thinks ur funny
James Hawkins
Laurence is the kind of guy who’d clap when the plane lands
Ryan Wilson
Laurence is just a 4th wheel to these guys
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Bongino Rips Obama for Blasting TRIES SPORTS NEWS 4 2 months ago   05:22

As seen on "Fox & Friends"

Dan Bongino said Saturday on Fox & Friends that former President Barack Obama's speech, which blasted President Trump and the GOP, was "disgraceful."