22 Goals That Would Have Cristiano Ronaldo: InCRedible Bicycle 1 year ago   05:56


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David Radu
lsfc Football
100% a goal
Nuhr Saban
3:13.Lampards curve is unreal
Chronic JoJo
3:09 that curve
God God
You just written tow times 14
omer nubani
bro just last year he was at like 200 k i look at him now hes at 3 mill wtf. Congrats wrzzer
Frick Frack
Lmao...the 12th one curved so much.😂
ash_yt 9
This music is sick what is this music called
Meuniers near goal against england in the bronze game of the 2018 world cup?
Wacim Ikram
1:55 it was a goal
Braddles 76
What was wrong with cavani’s bicycle
Oof god
At 0:52 you did just not miss that open goal
Andrea Calì
Pirlo's free kick against england?
Ceaser Torres
Messi is the goat
Alex Q
#5 looked like it would’ve gone even if his teammate didn’t touch it
Ryan Yang
#5 pisses me off, but Ronaldo did that to Dybala a while ago. Karma
I dont know if the person that made this is English, but the title makes it sound like its gonna be goals that were denied by the ref
Maxwell Kelly
1:26 what happened there
Safe Gaming
Dude everytime I go to a sad soccer video is the same goddamn song.
Farhana Mateen
Why put such an emotional music
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Cristiano Ronaldo: InCRedible Bicycle 22 Goals That Would Have 1 year ago   03:14