22 Goals That Would Have Cristiano Ronaldo: InCRedible Bicycle 1 year ago   05:56


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Luis Lizard
No Pirlo fk versus England ? No Maradona volley vs Belgium?
Prites Bas
This is so sad, Alexa play despacito
David Grandlion
disagree with 10th, for Messi its like happens every match. Messi is GOAT
trisha tora
Griffiths and lampards shot were clearly in.
Martin Randrup
Haoto - Anime on Piano
I don't really watch football, why isn't 1:53 a goal?
Benjamin Kopic
Fack you bocers
Austin Hance
Portugal got knocked out of that one World Cup bc some twat wanted to score
Gabby Grunt
1:47 was in
Gabby Grunt
What Is mukbang
Jai Prabakaran
1:28 Raged Ronaldo
like please
Taladianos Nikos
Μ'αρέσει πολύ η Μουσική
Nsima Akpabio
Nani the spoiler😂😂
Lan Nguyen
*We all hate you Nani the goal ruiner*

*2:11** ITS A GOAL*
Young_ Marley
The thumbnail is a painting
Play ON
Play ON™
Khadir Sherif
Dembele solo for France should’ve been there tho
pewdewpie friend
3:39 Peru??????
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Cristiano Ronaldo: InCRedible Bicycle 22 Goals That Would Have 1 year ago   03:14