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22 Goals That Would Have | Cristiano Ronaldo: Incredible Bicycle - At Up-Tube.com

22 Goals That Would Have Cristiano Ronaldo: InCRedible Bicycle 1 year ago   05:56


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6B Patrick Dan Arendt Bergquist PedersborgSkole
#16 wasnt that a goal?
Ronaldo ,you are the best footballer in the word
Been what
Eduardo Lopez
The true sadness of life
Yo you forgot Fernando torres
World Cup 2014 Brazil vs Chile. 92nd minute Brazil 1 Chile 1 . pinilla shoots on crossbar which would have eliminated Brazil from their own World Cup. Omg
Boboplus Po
It says 22 but it is 20 goals
Boboplus Po
Two fourteens
Ar Mr.Goodman
Ronaldo: Omae wa mou shindeiru
Nani: Headers
Ronaldo: *NANI*
Ice Bear
What about Lucas moura's when he dribbles all the player
Ali Amir
Gerrard vs Norwich is one you completely forgot
Instead of best goals it became best saves
Ronaldo’s bicycle kick? Sorry I’m half way threw the video.
Pizza Slice
I am like your bigest fan I try to do all your skills
ELITE jaguar aguilar
Ronaldo dodo
Nang Labang
Most of the players did get it In you cut the scene to make it faster
ChriSSeBest Yt
Nani are you kidding me he was offside ronaldo would do it 1:20
Cantona7vbg Cantona7vbg
1:57 but the ball is in
Oof god

I had it covered
pingu gamer
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Cristiano Ronaldo: InCRedible Bicycle 22 Goals That Would Have 1 year ago   03:14