22 Goals That Would Have Cristiano Ronaldo: InCRedible Bicycle 11 months ago   05:56


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Superstar mexico123
I Just got surprised when i saw Lampard's miss. The curve in that ball is just unreal. (3:13)
Anis Ghogari
Ronaldino will always be a legend
petashaka YT
12 ...
KindaFarhaad FC
kavi preethi
sad life
johnny pezzo
Ma come fa quello di Cavani a non essere goal
Theprobbyman Youtube:
It's a hatrick from cristiano ronaldo!! Siiiiiiii!!!! Oh wait a minute. The goals are denied!!!!!
Done 17 and 21 twice, Great video though bru
George Best
Who is here after Suarez moved to Barca
Fifa19Boy Plays
From 0:37 till 0:45 sick bro
fernando vergara
like si quisieras que todos los disparos fueran gol
fernando vergara
repetiste el 15 y el 21
Dave O'Leary
Incredible and great video
Somayah Aljondi
this sucks
Gabriel Urdaneta
The music was so annoying in this video
Aarem Emmen
Is it hands at 5:31
Mihajlo Sladojevic
Lazar Marković❤❤💚
Incredible Gamer 10
Nani u old fool
Sadiq Raza
help leigh griffiths
Siddharth Verma
3:50 was a bad miss
He could have passed
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Cristiano Ronaldo: InCRedible Bicycle 22 Goals That Would Have 11 months ago   03:14