Columbia University: An Introduction i got into my dream school!!! (college 2 days ago   14:28

Columbia University
A short film by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ric Burns, CC 78, featuring interviews with Columbia students, faculty and alumni. HD Available.

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(0:00) Introduction
(2:03) History & Location
(4:09) The Core Curriculum
(6:05) Engineering
(7:28) Science & Research
(9:38) Student Life
(12:08) Conclusion

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i got into my dream school!!! (college Columbia University: An Introduction 2 days ago   14:25


DISCLAIMER: I am not bragging about the schools I got into. I worked my butt off throughout high school and I simply wanted to have these moments documented since it means quite a lot to me!

I always enjoyed watching these kinds of videos so I decided to record my own college decision reactions! I'll post regular videos soon so stay tuned! (sorry if this seems super irrelevant to you!!!)

I'm so so so grateful for my parents and friends and everyone who supported me throughout this journey. Also thanks to every school that decided to offer me a place in their class 💕

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