Asias greatest threat?: Melting Glacier melt in B.C. at 'shocking' 6 months ago   04:43

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The Himalayan Mountains are also known as the world’s ‘Third Pole’. Glaciers in the Himalayas and the Hindukush mountains store the most ice in the world outside the Arctic and the Antarctic. Scientists say the Glaciers are melting and the effects could threaten the home and livelihood of over 2 Billion people. The affected could be at risk of flooding, electricity shortages and food insecurity. In some of these areas, these events could peak in the next 30 years. This dire warning is part of a new study released by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development. It claims that one-third of these glaciers will melt by the end of the century even if current efforts to reduce climate change succeed. And if they fail, they will melt by two-thirds.

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Wally Schroeder
Yeah, love the racist, hateful statements in comment section. People will die. Humans suck, you all deserve what you are going to get, my one comfort is that the earth will go on and reset. Hopefully the next dominant species aren't half as douchey as we are. Prepare for the hurt humans.
donovan campbell
The funniest thing is that over two hundred dead bodies are on everest and people at the bottom still drinking the water what will happen soon glacier melted no more climbing millions have to migrate
D Nickaroo
The Himalayan Glaciers give rise to 7 of Asia's largest rivers, which supply water for over 1.5 billion people. The Himalayan Glacier is expected to disappear by 2035. Glaciers in Europe, the Americas, and Africa face the same future. Abrupt Climate Crisis is proceeding much faster than had been predicted. This article discusses Glacier National Park in NW USA, the Himalayan Glacier, (and others):
neutron bomb
nitz vision
One child policy is the only solution ... because we human are addicted to high carbon emmissio. ..what we can do is reduce population ..else Earth will use its power to wipe out humans
mash potato
Noo humans stop destroying Earth😣😣
Leighton Julye
two thirds 2/3 Himalayan glacier will melts study; effecting water supply to china India and middle east !!!
Victor Assis
This is unavoidable no matter what people do, right?
Sushil Bade
Fedrick Arthur
Am proud to live in Africa.
koyla empire
Please nuke the Himalayans to enhance annihilation of insane living in the region.....
the reporter interrupted him and then ended the video 😷
Gary Rumain
Did he just say Nipple?
Shubham Joshi
All are Running for **modernity** **high growth** **materialism** Concrete forest are Established & **if you think money is more important than environment try to hold your breath whilst you count your money**
aaron parys
these countries should be looking/investing in water management/conservation programs ! ..Since well it's almost to little to late as far as carbon reduction programs around the world!!
The providence of nature.
Build a giant freeze to keep the glaciers frozen. But on the other hand you can plant lot more rice and fish at the same time.
Sky Gravity
I thought Asia's greatest threat is the unavoidable breakdown of China's socioeconomic structure
Red Pill
Stop US wars; Stop US sanctions; Support US troops: bring them home; Medicare for all; Green New Deal; Lving wage for 1 full-time job; Free education: scholastic not class based; Eliminate domestic poverty.
vaanan navin
India , pakistan and china should conduct more" nuclear tests "on Himalaya's...
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Glacier melt in B.C. at 'shocking' Asias greatest threat?: Melting 6 months ago   10:19

Scientists say it's just a matter of time before a warming planet causes B.C.'s glaciers to melt away altogether.
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