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Also me: *Still watches this video*
Odin Entertainment
Fun fact: The "director of the Sistine Chapel" thing is a reference to Domenico Bartolucci, who held that job before he was made a cardinal in 2010
Makes video In 2013

Today: *oh shit I forgot to mention!!!!*
Adam Blakeslee
Just remember that the Pope was basically King of the Papal States for centuries and still has most of those powers.
David Bazel
What The sign means ?
Chris VanAvermaete
Under Canon law since the early 20th century, only a bishop can become a cardinal. However, there is a special clause for papal dispensation that allows the pope to make anyone a cardinal (man, woman, clergy or lay-person). So, with papal dispensation, not only do you not have to be a bishop, you don't even have to be a priest and don't even have to be a man. There was some discussion in the Vatican in the 80's about whether or not to make Mother Teresa a cardinal, which would have been allowed under this dispensation. Supposedly the pope asked her if she wanted to be a Cardinal and she declined. In theory, this would allow anybody to become a Cardinal, and in theory, allow anyone to become Pope.
There was one where they made the guy become a priest so he could be crowned pope.
But what happens if the pope is attacked by dinosaurs?
And I'm pretty sure that canon law says that the college of cardinals can elect anyone that they so choose. Even lay people.
It's nice that he earning at least $20,130 for this video...........
Iñigo Navarro-Rubio
You don't even have to be a priest to be a cardinal. True story.
Nathan Bonbrake
Is there a reason I've gotten 6 notifications for this video in the last few weeks?
Max J
He’s really pumping out videos
Dave Armstrong
Will your footnotes eventually have footnotes? Like a complicated European Union treaty?
Andrei Cristi Moga
Best 21 seconds of my life
Nathan Fernandes
CGP is making a lot of footnotes
W8. This footnote was due 5 years 355 days ago. Like wheres my joule pod?
why did you reupload this
Eda Tekin
Even the 21 second footnote video of this channel is fun to watch
Carmen Mencar
This video has a lot of footnote videos.
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Who Owns The Statue of Liberty? (New Footnote ‡ from How to Become Pope 11 months ago   07:29

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