The unknown facts about US-China 8 Reasons Why The Economy Of China Will 5 months ago   26:31

While trade tensions with China escalate, the US keeps complaining that it has suffered losses because of trade deficits. But is it true? Is global trade so simple that deficits or surplus can explain it once and for all?
To answer these questions, CGTN looked at information from households, factories and experts’ opinions, together with data analysis, to present you with a comprehensive interpretation of China-US trade.

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jas gsxr
This makes no sense, if a product is not made in China it will be made somewhere else, the product being sold is actually debt and credit. There is no need to trade with China if it is not mutually beneficial.
USA is made by China
Kaliman Kaliman
I have shoe from made in US and also china ..but I can live not buy in chinese products now...I started buying anything but china...USA or Allies...NATO..
Paul c
Mean that your goods they will make in Thailand, vietnam, india or cambodia that they follow the Wto rules ...
summer song
We have to pay more money to buying the daily necessities,If there is no Chinese imported product.
DM Osborn
China has a 15% - 25% corporate tax. USA corporate tax's are 35% min. The resent tax brakes are to off set this.
DM Osborn
Before March 2018 ,China put a 25% tariff on American made autos. After 3/2018 the tariff was lowered to 15%.
jonathan young
America is losing in INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES. America is trying very hard to kill China without going to war. America run by "WHITE RACE " who try hard to prove to the world that they are not RACISTS by having token minorities in its government. But in reality, the racism shows up when they insist that only the "WHITES'' are the only race able to invent and have exclusivity to tellectual properties.
jonathan young
INTERESTING ARTICLE I CAME ACROSS.......Why America is against
IPV9 The Future of Internet After watching the video
"National Sovereign Network IPV9 officially unveiled", we realized why cyber security is national security and what enabled the US Government to amass so much wealth from every other country in the world. Day after day and each time we surf the internet, read our emails, WeChat, QQ, WhatsApp, etc., and use WiFi for whatever reasons including video streaming on smartphones and smartTVs, we have to use the United States Internet protocol IPV4. This is the parent server and the main root server for WWW or the worldwide Internet. China had signed an agreement with the United States to rent the worldwide Internet for 20 years from the year 2000. Every year, China and the rest of the world have been, and currently still pay rents to the United States monopoly. The annual rents are increasing with the ever rising increase in usage, including 500 billion in 2007 and 1.8 trillion in 2017. By the end of 2020, it is estimated to be even more which is only the rent from China alone! Every other country in the world are also paying rents for Internet usage to the US. How much is that transfer of wealth! How can a country not be rich when it possesses such a humungus monopoly? If the ordinary American people ain’t receiving a share of this fabulous windfall, then their country’s elites like Trump, Clinton, Bush, Wall Street banksters like Goldman Sachs, etc., can perhaps be made to divulge their secret. Thankfully for China (also quite likely for Third World countries) by 2014, China independently developed the IPV9 parent server and the main root server with independent intellectual property rights. Having achieved this quantum leap, China tried to negotiate with the United States to introduce to the world its new IPV9 protocol. Not surprisingly, it was rejected. Then in 2015, a team of Chinese delegation of technological experts unveiled and gave a test introduction of IPV9 to members of the UN General Assembly. The team of experts were able to prove that both the security and quality of IPV9 far exceeded that of the United States’s IPV4 and IPV6. The two nations were then given the opportunity to present their case at the end of which the UN Assembly voted overwhelmingly in favor of China’s IPV9. After further discussions, the UN General Assembly handed over management of the worldwide internet to China for 100 years. That is to say, when the current lease with the US expires in 2020, China will assume leadership and management of the worldwide internet with its superlative IPV9 parent server and the main root server. All the receiving and transmitting stations in China have now been completed. To date, 25 countries have signed lease agreements with China with the rest of the world to follow. In 2019, IPV9 will be put into trial operation. When the lease with the US expires in 2020, the old and outdated American IPV4 will be closed and China's new generation Internet, namely the “Internet of Things IPV9”, will be up and running.
jim de nooij
you forget to tell that before you open a factory or assemble unit, you have give away all the information about your Eropean or American product i mean ALL product info including inovations that you rather kkeep a secret cos its part of your succes, before your buildings are build and installed the needed machinery and offices the chinese are allready in the market with a copy of your product
Jim Brannan
If China stopped making things, The countries that made them before, or new emerging, markets would slowly jump right back in and replace them, albeit at a slower pace.
J.S machine
This video is true!
Lawrence Pounds
I live in the Philippines and I have lived in Mexico and both places everything is made in China.
jessie christopher lapinid
Take this video with a grain of salt. This is State Owned media by China
jessie christopher lapinid
The US should help other countries ramp up infrastructure and capabilities to curb its reliance with China. Almost all things it relies with China can be provided by other more friendly countries. They just need to improve capacities/capabilities
Tot Thi Ta
Karl Bryant
Obviously this show is bias and is on China’s side
Karl Bryant
Protectionism is the answer
Chinese Invade US
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8 Reasons Why The Economy Of China Will The unknown facts about US-China 5 months ago   07:34

China might be the largest economy in the world by 2020. But will that really happen? Or will the Chinese economy collapse soon? There are many indicators showing that there is a significant risk that China will lose its position as the economic engine of the world during the next few years. Do you agree?