Gülen movement on the rise in Germany The Young Virgins at Bulgaria’s Controversial 1 year ago   05:05

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Muslim preacher Fethullah Gülen's ex-followers warn that his movement could be turning into something like a sect. It aspires to a global Islamic society. Since the foiled coup attempt in 2016, Turkey has driven thousands of Gülen's followers out of the country. Many have fled to Germany.

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Michael Lee.
The Gülenists are "on the run" because Fetullah Gülen instigated a coup in Turkey in which he used the military to seize control from Erdogan- and they even attempted to assassinate Erdogan. This is terrorism, as far as I can see. I do not like Erdogan but I dislike military coups even more.
Robert Paul
Came here because of an article on a Turkish citizen arrested and then freed awaiting trial for extradiction in my country.Yes,he is accused of "terrorism" by Turkey government! I didn't think Turkey situation was that bad.The supposed "terrorist" has been living here for many years and is a well loved,hard-working guy with a nice family,an exemplar citizen! Can't say the same of Erdogan people who came here angrily looking for him.Those guys need help,a lot of help! Fortunately it's a matter of time before our supreme court releases him of that ridiculous accusation.I know many people from Turkish origin,wonder what's happening in that fascinating country.
Damien McGrath
Great, more nutty Islamists in Europe. Secularists must stand up.
Dnsnajsjz Cıxırjskdl
Gulenists are CIA project. I hope Germans deport them.
Ali Veli
germany i hope you understand, they gulenists are most twofaced hypocrite people in the world
southern sunny
i think i found a clone of Gulen who speaks turkish.... if you want this guy, i sell him....
biraz da onlar uğraşsın bu ibnelerle
Gulenist =Turkish-Islamist Scientology with all the fraud, coersiveness, anti-democratic cult-like tendencies of scientology, imho.Both are due for Fbi investigations and raids.
Baran Gercek
this is the man who brought islam to turkey and destroyed selculer front..he created akp.coz of their conflict ..whole turkey is sufferinv
Ozan Dikici
germany:terrorists(fetö,pkk,pyd+) nursing home
I always have to feel suspicious of any movement that tends to introduce itself with "All we want to do is..." - just like a girl has to watch out on a date with any guy who says "All I want to do is..."
Germany can have them, how about we put them all on planes for a 1 way ticket to German and get them away from American education , money and children.
Melih Yüša Kuzgun
Ben ve benim gibi düşünen birçok türk bu adamın meşrutiyetinden şüphe duyarken, rastladığımız bazı haberlerin nedense sadece haber yapma motivasyonundan çok fitne motivasyonlarla ortaya koyulduğu algısı oluşuyor!! öyle yada böyle işte nedense.. DW sunduğu perspektif ve yaklaşımı, türkiye'deki ahber yayıncılığı gibi ama daha sofistike, sakin ve komplex bir yaklaşımla sunuyor... Yıllardır DW takip ederim ve bir türlü ikna olamadım objektifliğinize yada motivelerinize.
Luke Lukas
if you show one of the most peaceful and integrated European humanitarian Islamic group as a "dangerous organisation", first, How would you see rest of other Muslims ? Second, you can't expect Muslim people to abandon their religious value, they can't expect others to do so either. Third, It is the entirely wrong behaviour to support or promote extremism in any way (racism, xenophobia, opposition of religion or religious group) because that led to get 8 millions German killed at WWII, not the tanks or weapons. would we take lessons out of our mistakes or keep making same mistakes ? that is question need to be addressed and European values and history give the answer very well.
yeah Germany, continue taking the “refugees” and the cults in with all their sick ideology and see where the Germany is going
john gki
germanistan XD
Sireniux Sireniux
That's ridiculous to think they plan to convert people to a religion with a dance festival . I attended once and it was very nice and well organized, All Turkish should be proud to show their culture like they do.
Erdogan is using his power to brainwash Turkish people and personal revenge against Gullen.
Truth Filter For YouTube
I have no sympathy for any member of the Muslim ( Satanic) religion ! Anyone who does is a fool and doesn't understand we are at war !~
Sharad gautam
Gulen destroys islam
Fakir Baykurt
Terrorists are terrorist and not an another form: You cant find a terrorist without weapon.
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The Young Virgins at Bulgaria’s Controversial Gülen movement on the rise in Germany 1 year ago   21:31

Every spring, the country’s 18,000-person Kalaidzhi Roma clan gathers in Stara Zagora for the controversial “bride market” where young virgins are paraded in front of suitors who bid on them.

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