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How To Make Agriculture Machine - Manure | How To Make A Track Car Driving Desktop - At Up-Tube.com

How to make Agriculture Machine - Manure How to make a track car driving Desktop 2 days ago   12:34

V. Idea
How to make manure spreader and automatic manure collector?

In this video I will guide you: how to make agriculture machine: automatic fertilizer spreader and manure collector - truck agriculture for kids from using cardboard and motor DC.

This is a remote control manure spreader truck toys with a Operating system from 10 DC motors, it active amazing. Hope you like #truck it. Thank you!

Materials you need: cardboard, 2 coca cola cans, 7 motor down speed and 3 motor DC 9v, 8 toy wheels, remote control board, latex tires, 1 switch, battery, wood stick, aluminum bars, bamboo skewers, straws, hot glue gun...... and follow all steps from this video and you will get amazing #agriculturetruck #toys. If you like this video don't forget to subscribe :). Thank you!
Welcome to V.Idea channel, where we do great crafts and interesting life hacks with just simplest things right in your house.

►My Google+: https://goo.gl/BMyQ5P
►My Youtube: https://goo.gl/gWTeQp

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V. Idea
Hello friends, wish you a good day! In this video I will guide you: how to make Agriculture Machine: Automatic Fertilizer Spreader and Manure Collector - This is remote control Truck Agriculture from cardboard. Hope you like and for comment, thank you!
Prakashkumar Kher
Very nice video sir school students want to make this but when can they got all materials
Samarth M Bangera
Where did you get the items/materials?
Jawahar Jain
Will you send me
Reno Ren
How to make asphal finiaher
Riyakumari05 Riyakumari05
Hallo friend
Tejas Tarde
Amazing project nice
Zaky Sukorejo
Amrit Shrestha
अच्छा हाे ता ए
DIY At Home
Nice Agriculture machine
Murra Jagan mohan
its is very nice but you make plant growing machine
Razia Yaqoob
ceejhorn villanueva
Faizan Khan
Jo aap he bnaya hi us me Jo aage ka hi saf dhekh nahi RHA hi use for use bnao plz aaj he bhai plzzzzzzz subscribe btao
Mrsrashidanaeem Naeem
You have easy
Mrsrashidanaeem Naeem
This is very difficult
Jordan Rodríguez
Oye amigo tienes talento eres un crack
William Frank
Me: No interest in farm equipment or craft
YouTube: You sure bout that
Annu Mishra
Ftrt Ftuu
Love 🇰🇭បាន
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How to make a track car driving Desktop How to make Agriculture Machine - Manure 2 days ago   14:43

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