What Really Happened at UFC 239 (Jorge DAN HARDY MEETS DIN THOMAS AT ATT 3 months ago   04:39

Here I will breakdown and analyze the stunning shocker in Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren. Why did Askren react the way he did? What did Masvidal do to set it up? How did the knee land?

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"MGM Grand buffet to the face" - Jorge Masvidal
James Riley
Hopefully khabib and Jorge can get a contract signed! Though Ben is amazing on the ground Khabib is on a diff level with his. With that said, anybody can get caught. I think Jorge vs. Khabib late this year or early in 2020 is the fight to make and will bring in serious PPV action! Let's go Dana
James Riley
Jorge is the Real MF deal guys. I was a believer before this fight but askren might be one dimensional but look at his undefeated record, it is and was wild. Still hopefully Ben can mentally recoup bc some fighters cant after they have been undefeated for so long, def fucks with the ego/confidence. Jorge is just on a diff level than nearly everyone and is on the rise.
Tariq Olajuwon
He was KO'd so stiff. Nasty Knockout!
Aaron s
You mention him getting knocked out via knee to the neck..but you never go back to discuss it...
Great breakdown man, truly well done.
isreal Ascencion
Dude you sound stupid AF... He got caught off guard a second is all it takes
Steven Watson
I like Ben just fine but I don't like his fighting style. If you're in punching range you can't wrestle, if you're in kicking range you can't....wrestle. Make contact then wrestle
It's Alright
More like 3 second. A second or two?? Lol
Ben was planking, early stoppage.
Every punch was GOLD!
The same people complaining about the punches after the fight ending knee are the same ones that run their mouths when they should be silent and respectful. Be respectful or get laid the f... out.
Rainmaker Enterprises
The two punches weren’t unnecessary, put yourself in masvidal’s shoes, you just hit askren with a highlight reel knee and he’s on his back. He wanted to make absolutely sure that the fight was over and that he won. What would you do
William Connolly
He kneed him in the face
dre greger
He actually landed on side of Askrens head not his shoulder
Best Ever
Ben Askren : IQ -1000
Raul Macias Yoncon
should of slide on the side and a kick him
Dave Wylie
I like the breakdown but disagree with the comments about the two shots that came after the knee. He would have thrown them at his best friend. He is a fighter and the fight is not over until the ref stops it plain and simple. I really dont believe dislike had anything to do with it. He did dislike him and still does but thats not why 🤣
It hit him in the head n then it glanced to the side.
Pelon Culon
My theory is askren took so much damage in that one knee, that he,s traumatized to the point he will lose his next Fight(s).
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DAN HARDY MEETS DIN THOMAS AT ATT What Really Happened at UFC 239 (Jorge 3 months ago   09:10