Stephen Does The Math On Manafort's Stephen Colbert March 13, 2019 1 week ago   10:49

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
It's hard to keep track of all the crimes for which Paul Manafort has been charged and convicted. Stephen breaks down the math.

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Cheryl MacLean
Ok. I’m sorry, first things first about our pets; the moose and the beaver get along perfectly well. About the word ‘about,’ I’m sorry, we don’t say whatever way Stephen said it; we say the same as Americans. Sorry, but I’ve NEVER heard anyone say it a-boot. There is only one truth spoken in this statement which is, I’m sorry to say, we have grounded the planes.... I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone, but the truth needs to be told. 🇨🇦😜🤣
Marcus Caius
Stephen, don't make fun of Canada, they may send at you a few flying mouse squads and a beaver brigade. You've been warned SORRY!
Devin Graves
Well, the 737 MAX segment is a prime example of why one shouldn't use late night shows as a news source, as it was en extreme over simplification, and made the problem sound way worse than it actually was...if you read actual investigative journalism on the subject, you will see this...
Marguerite Johnson
An emergency decision ? How many days later? We (UK) banned all overflights as well — immediately!
2:20 I’d rather have an emergency order grounding HIS MOUTH!!!
I heard a retired Boeing employee say she was glad she took her pension in a lump sum payout.
Molly McButter
Why do I ABSOLUTELY die laughing when Stephen F***s up the monologue. He's a treasure!!! Stephen Colbert 2020!
Ora Broughton
Black ant ( carpenter ) went to the White Hose, red ant followed, to put the stings in everything that The United States of America stands for, which building the White House on SHAMEFUL demoralized democracy.
Ted L
Sorry but it's impossible for me to laugh about hundreds of people dying in two very recent, tragic air disasters. This is an instance where I'd just beseech Colbert, "please don't go there."
Thomas Slone
eminem = rap god
colbert = improv deity(which is like six gods and a shit ton of supernatural beings)
Greg1 McIntosh
Never trust anybody who so damn sure of himself as this guy who claims Trump is so sure of himself. What are you doing to improve things mister late night show hosts no David Letterman mr. Arrogant know-it-all don't deserve say your name to improve things for America other than complain and criticize. You take political criticism to an all-new low.comedians in the past ultimately maintained a level of respect if not for the president than the presidency which requires a certain amount of deference in keeping with the spirit of our election system and Trust in the voters who in God they trusted. This cynicism and criticism serves no purpose. I think liberals AR kind of losers. In 20 years mr. Colbert when you're facing a t and then 30 if you make it to facing 90 and you look back at the videos of your ranting and raving against Trump juxtaposed to the Legacy he will inevitably leave in history you will be eating crow well into your crotchety years and then how will you feel will you feel so smug so smart the same goes for your audience so automatically laughing. This is true for the other night light show host but especially for you Mr Colbert your witty and funny and smart but you're cynical
Olyv Oyl
858 Canadians were offended by your making fun of them.
Alex D'Ettore
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 7: Leatherface Gets Community Service
Work Shop
like how you double downed on that 3 day magazine joke..
ffs fire youe writters
4:54 can we just take a minute to recognize there are people who use wheelchairs instead of walking because walking causes problems for them (In my case, every step, my tendons act like tiny wire saws that cut through the cartilage of my femur where it joins the hip. I CAN walk but if I keep walking I won't be able to for long.) I'll use a wheelchair to go around the supermarket and get my shopping. I will stand up out of the wheelchair to reach things on a high shelf then sit back down again. when I get home I might not even use a wheelchair. I also won't take any shit about that from anyone who doesn't have little wire saws in their hips cutting through the bit that stops their bones from grinding into each other when THEY walk, because they don't know what they're talking about.

I'm not saying Manaforte isn't a cretinous ass who thinks people in wheelchairs just want (and deserve) sympathy instead of fewer staircases, more ramps and less staring.
I'm just saying can we lay off on jokes about people who use wheelchairs who can still walk and stand if they have to? You don't know their story and it's rude to go up and ask, so if you see someone in a wheelchair stand up, just leave it be and file it under none of your business and go about your day. Cheers.
I'm Iron Man
Australia is fake .......ok I'll stop
General Gamble
I hope for poo poopers in the gardenia
Gerard de Souza
We don't say "aboot", it's more like "abow-oot" quickly.
Hahaha, Colbert is a riot!
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