Falcon Heavy Launch and Landing 2 months ago   10:21

Reds Rhetoric
Finally, I got an uninterrupted shot from Launch to Landing of a Falcon Rocket! All footage was tracked by hand.

Cameras: Nikon P1000 & P900
Filmed by: Reds Rhetoric
Date: 4/11/2019
Music Used: Savfk - The Path

Note: Astronomy Live was also filming with his telescope next to me. His telescope is what is making that high tone in the video. To see his footage, click here- https://up-tube.com/upvideo/pRMMxRKNQ6D

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Marco Pederzoli
2 metal tubes the size of a building falling from the sky and genlty landing at the very last moment... magic!
Молодцы американцы. Это самое крутое из настоящего что я видел.
Jerry Ludlow
Science fiction happened! On my planet! I'd really like to mirror this; all credits, etc.?
Dennis Gan
Roy&Brittany Ayers
Внимательно смотрите на 9:27 и 9:30 - Компьютерная модель якобы ракет наложена поверх проводов. Поленились через маску отрисовать. Рукожопые монтажники.
Faked...we never went to moon
Dao Thao
Fking amazing
Daniel Middleton
Anyone else slightly tear up when they witness engineering magnificence? Bravo, Elon, bravo.
Chickknight Greenleaf
touch down like a feather.
Dave of OZ
Well done Reds😎👍
Jose Ortiz
Dope video from Joyces dock
Милен Кацев
Totally AMAZING !!!! I shit my pans !!!
makes .uchoa
Impressionante!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Tan Vu Trong
Preisler Junior
Tem um Brazuca filmando aí no meio, kkk
Abodi Abodi
summary?no foot ball earth
Abodi Abodi
Are yoi crazy to believe that liar???
Abodi Abodi
2 rockets be backed to flat earth surface and the third dropped in ocean this game falcon???
Valerij Zherbin
Фантастические технологии! Слава американским технологиям!
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Falcon Heavy Launch and Landing 2 months ago   10:27