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The Country The World Says Doesn't | Our Narrow Slice - At Up-Tube.com

The Country The World Says Doesn't Our Narrow Slice 1 day ago   13:09

Rare Earth
Edit: In case it isn't clear in the video, this is meant to be a story of Artsakh, from the view of Artsakh. It isn't unemotional geopolitics. The Armenians are in no ways saints, and the Azeri in no way demons. The Azeri refugees forced from their homes in the external lands that Artsakhians took in the war (even against their own internal judgement) for military purposes have every right to be upset and want it back. As I say in every video, please research this all on your own. There is a very deep, nuanced, interesting story to be told from all sides. This one just happens to be from Artsakh.

If you would like to visit Artsakh, I'd highly recommend staying with Saro Saryan in Shushi. His family are the living embodiment of the community, fashioned together into a wonderful guest house atmosphere. His 23 year old soldier, diplomat, lawyer son is the focus of our next episode, which I hope you'll stick around for.

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Ambiment, by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Rare Earth
You allow us to tell these stories.

James Mcdonald
Great video and much respect to those brave people! Never give in!✊
peter tuann
Sorry, the world won't risk so much for a few thousand people in the mountains, their best option is to entirely move to Armenia.
God bless on your fight!
I hope your travels take you to what should be an independent Kurdistan. They too deserve a true homeland.
Pam Lakin
May the Armenians find peace and a future full of promise. May God squeeze all of the anger, hatred and greed from your beautiful country. I pray that soon conflict will be just a memory .
m malon
In one of Francis V. Bacon's Essays he mentions something to the effect that the Arian Race, "now in Armenia." If interested let me know, I'll find the link.
Seterra brought me here...
Johnnie cameli
its not a gun problem its a people problem fool..
It is a DISGRACE , a SHAMEFUL and DISGUSTING way to treat people who want self determination and the right to live without the illegal and unwanted people that have no relevance or kin to them (Armenians).Long live the Armenians and may their cause reign.
It’s not always guns. And this isn’t the only unrecognised sovereign nation.
Transnistria does recognize them as far as im aware however theyre unrecognized as well
Eric Peterson
Great video!
james gurr
Very informative journalistic piece. Thank you rare earth- and don't stop telling the tales of those who are habitually silenced..
Woogy 1
So our Second Amendment is important to protect ourselves from Tirany if a powerful selfish criminal Government uses Guns to oppress their people. Makes sence to me. But you need equal weapons to be safe.
And this is why if you have guns you NEVER give them up.
USA, thank God you have the 2nd amendment
sadolf Hitler

I never knew Armenia had such beautiful geography.
If you don't belive him:
Artsakh (Armenian: Արցախ, pronounced [ɑɾˈtsʰɑχ]) was the tenth province (nahang) of the *Kingdom of Armenia* from *189 BC* until 387 AD.
Charles Moore
How is it possible that the System of a Down concert held in Armenia seemed to show that nearly EVERY female in attendance was Smokin' Hot??? I saw so many of the same type of female in Glendale, California as well! With their beautiful dark hair and dark eyes I feel that these women MUST be protected at ALL cost! I'd willingly forfeit 10yrs off my life expectancy to have the honour of calling an Armenian Goddess my wife. Respect to Armenia and Armenians wherever they reside!
Marc Bruemmer
Warcriminals always talks about guns!
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