Gucci Mane - I Get The Bag feat. Migos Migos - Get Right Witcha [Official 1 year ago   03:38

Gucci Mane - I Get The Bag feat. Migos

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latoya manzano
Take off is 🔥🔥🔥
Fredrick Odhiambo
Likely Takeoff isn't "masculine" enough and that could be a factor on why the other two Migos tend to treat him passively. Off music scene Takeoff "doesn't" hang with lots of women or make being stories on his personal life. He is also the youngest of the three therefore age difference psychology naturally makes him to look up to his "big brothers". All I
Lil Vix
What’s girl @ 0:31
tony hernandez
Alot sexy girl s here 😍😍😍😘😘😘
christy trevino
Dam rit???
Dral22 B
Quavo murdered that freakn intro, damn. Without him... There is no Migos. Period.
Marlon Bullis
Fucking love
y'all remember when guwop was fat?
the temple run reference is the best part of this song
Ann Cas
Takeoff is on another level
Austin Anderson
One of the hardest songs 🔥🔥🔥
casey panchuk
Wheres huncho
Guada Saldain
Internet knowledge
Anyone here in 2050??
Isaac Thomas
This song is still on fire even In 2019 yo non stop listining to the migos
the Terry
Justin Robertson
Bro I gotta ask how much did it cost to do all of this versus how much they made off of the song? Need to get me some bands and get the bag lol.
Edson Beckles
Keep it 💯just be real wid me🔥😤👊
derevera lamorena
1:51 hello?? Anybody?
Heather Lane
You sing good can you sing good
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Migos - Get Right Witcha [Official Gucci Mane - I Get The Bag feat. Migos 1 year ago   04:18

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