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We Try Our Mom's Morning Routines • Ladylike | - At Up-Tube.com

We Try Our Mom's Morning Routines • Ladylike 1 day ago   14:21

"Not awake time, yet. It's time for dark."

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Comments 2260 Comments

Ann Artist
How many of you guys noticed devin says " typically " a lot😂

Like if you guys noticed that too!👍
Ella Roberts
Devin is the only one who properly followed the routine.
Is ladylike associated with buzzfeed?
Beauty With Skye
Guess What:

Is it me or do they look they looked older after waking up
son goku
i literally watch this video atleast once a day. that’s how amazing LadyLike is 🥰🥰🥰
Gracie Miller
Egg beaters !?!?!.....its
Scrambled eggs
When Freddie woke up I thought she was wearing fake eyelashes.
Emily Koschella
Devin should get a pixie cut. Like Captain marvel or scarlet Johansson
Emily Koschella
Where is Devin's shirt from in the intro??? So cute
my morning routine
7am wakes up
watches youtube / check my socials for 45 minutes
gets dress while watching youtube
plays with baby sister
puts my ipad in my school bag
goes to school

(i shower at night )
Miss Laufeyson
Guess how many pairs of shoes I got for 250$? 5!

Oh, damn, I wish my mom was that cool
Adi Richardson
who else is watching in august of 2019
II Kane - Senpai II
I swear Kirsten (if it’s the wrong spelling please tell me) is the most adorable angel I’ve ever seen in my life like I can’t even describe how much I love her personality it puts me on a high horse tbh
DatAbsol Lover
If y’all are wondering what discombobulated is it means confused
Rocío Arenas Sánchez
Setting the alarm at 4 yo leave at 7...WHY
Sheena P
When my grandma was still working (Target-type store with regular hours), she would wake up at 3.30 in the morning! Like a crazy person! Now that she's retired, her routine is still super long but at normal waking hours.
Chaotic Evil
My cat sleeps in bed with me, and if sleep in, he will too. But if he hears my dad at the breakfast table while I'm still asleep, he's gonna bite me, hard enough to wake me up and let him out.
zoa rodgers
6:49 I swear at first I thought she said "who da fuq" 😂😂😂
Zarina Santana
That’s my schedule I wake up at 5:30 and I have to get to school by 8:30 but my bus comes at 7:45
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We Try Our Mom's Morning Routines • Ladylike 1 day ago   04:50

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