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The Untold Truth Of Annie Leblanc | The Untold Truth Of Annie Leblanc - At Up-Tube.com

The Untold Truth Of Annie LeBlanc The UNTOLD TRUTH of ANNIE LEBLANC 2 days ago   10:12

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Annie LeBlanc is about to become a huge star, and if you're a teenager, or have teens or tweens in your family, chances are you already know that her celebrity is on the rise. So what's the big deal about this former gymnast turned YouTuber? Here's the untold truth of Annie LeBlanc.

LeBlanc is far from the only star in her family. Her first taste of fame came as a member of Bratayley, a family YouTube vlog, launched in 2010. Their channel featured Leblanc, her siblings, Hayley and Caleb, and her parents. And as of mid 2019, the channel boasts more than 7 million subscribers.

According to People, the name "Bratayley" came from a family nickname for Hayley which mashed-up the word "brat" with her name. The moniker stuck, and it became the name of her YouTube channel, which quickly transformed into a family channel. But the channel isn't only responsible for launching Annie's career, and her channel which boasts over 3.5 million subscribers. Little sister, Hayley, is also a YouTube star with more than 1 million subscribers on her personal channel.

Watch for more about the untold truth of Annie LeBlanc!

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All in the family | 0:15
A devastating loss | 0:59
Getting that good advice | 1:52
Her pre-show routine | 2:35
Her wind down | 3:04
Cringing at her #TBTs | 3:39
Her favorite YouTube video | 4:08
Looking back on gymnastics | 4:51
Valentine's with her gal pals | 5:34
No-makeup makeup routine | 6:13
Her jewelry line | 6:52
Getting personal | 7:35
Her career started as a hobby | 8:11
Not taking things too seriously | 8:56

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The List
Are your kiddos fans of Annie?
Pau Valdemar
"If you love it, keep doing it"

My wallet: empty
dcaisy !
annie watches tvd? oh...
VictorTori :
I like how in one of their videos Annie says she’s sad that the name is hayleys even though it was her channel first
Emily Notley
Wait ain’t this the family who bought there kid a horse who had never had anything to do with horses the horse wasn’t even broke then they left it 👀
Tik Tok
She’s nothing
Crimson Cupcake
Annie has become so spoiled I stopped watching. Rip Caleb
The channel should be called Bratannie. Smh.
i stoled Jimin’s jams
.....what’s the untold truth?
Horse Queenz
Annie proved she could not take care of the horse,and if she truly "loved" animal then she would have told everyone what happened to Luna the horse,she should be thanking Hayley after all,the " Bratayley " YouTube channel was meant for Hayley not Annie.Katie lets it show when she favor's Annie,i think that Katie is just a Gold Digger,after all she only cares for the oldest child.I highly think Caleb didn't die from a heat condition,if so it would have shown up on at least some of his medic rec.
sab RINA
LeBlanc is in french and the «c» is silent.
I had a frickin crush on celeb 😔😩❤️ (still do)
Not So Toxic Gamer
Why 10 minutes tho?
i thought i was watching "obvious facts about Annie LeBlanc" for a minute
Cailyn Dapkins
how many times people have said "how many times did she said leblanc" in the comments
Reghan Dahl
A 14 year old should not be dating a 17 year old just saying
kiara burks
Joy Eslam
IG my hobby is watching Annie lebeauty
Ansley MP
So the channel Bratayley was named after Haley and was first about Haley but now it’s all centered around Annie, but go Annie and Haley! We love the Leblancs!
Axaniia Honey
Stop talking about stuff she did didnt say I think idk
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The UNTOLD TRUTH of ANNIE LEBLANC The Untold Truth Of Annie LeBlanc 2 days ago   12:35

Annie Leblanc has proved that she deserves a spot in the limelight, and she's here to stay. She went from being a gymnast to a superstar, and here’s the untold truth about the teenager. Stick around to find out the real reason why some people can’t stand Annie Leblanc. Before we begin, subscribe to Riveted and turn on the notification for this and more amazing videos!

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