Record snowfall sets Alps Extreme weather 2019 - Snow 5 months ago   03:27

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Austria and Germany are struggling to cope with the heaviest snowfall in two decades. At least 17 people have died in Alpine regions in the past week. Authorities are warning the risk of avalanches in the mountains is extremely high. Some communities in Bavaria have declared a state of emergency. And Forecasters warn more snow is on its way.


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Extreme weather 2019 - Snow Record snowfall sets Alps 5 months ago   02:10

From France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Greece, Slovakia and more, as the heavy snows and blizzards have hit and there is more yet to fall.

Part of the 'extreme weather and climate change' series (on this channel), See play list "Weather extremes 2018+" for more. Includes unusual & unseasonal occurrences.