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rachel rose diary
a tour of my room in International House 2 building D~

it is a very spacious room with an in-suite bathroom and pleennttyy of storage! It comes with...
...a transformer box that acts as an adapter and converter
...a mini organizer for the desk
...a desk light
...a size twin XL mattress (sheets are offered, but I highly recommend bringing your own)
...a pillow (again......bring your own or plan on buying one here) toilet paper in the bathrooms!

feel free to comment with any questions and concerns ^^

try something new today,

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Chika Dinaranti
is the dorm expensive?
fizzah khan
How much rent ?
Mirah 0894
I wonder why Ewha is not that responsive on emails 😭😭😭
Did you get to choose which side of the room you got?
Shakhlo Giyasova
Kimi Farrell
Wow, this layout is identical to Burton Garran Hall at Australian National University!

Edit: Except for the bathroom, the balcony and the roommate
golden maknae
So lucky! I wish my parents would let me go too T_T
Trash McTrash
Can we pick our roommates? My friend and i are thinking about studying abroad and wanting to share a room together
Bo Ya
Are you living in E-house or I-house?
Shahad AlKhaja
Is it possible to have single room ?! Are Graduate studies for engineering thought in English?! When semesters start ?! ( like fall, spring and winter ) And you are really cute ✨
Shades of Aziah
Do you or did you have a curfew?
Is it possible to go to Ewha just to stay for a semester to stay the Korean language?
Camillia Mfi
How much did you paid for this room ?
How long can i stay if i enroll in intensive course of Korean language?
Mana Ch
a year later and im back looking at this since i might be able to go within the next three years! i was wondering if this international house has single rooms in same amazing quality/ condition? i have a chronic illness and sharing a room with someone might not be good for me OR the person ill be sharing with :D thank you !
dope grape
Can't believe its a dorm more like a hotel
the dorm is included with the tuition?
ibtissam ouled sebtia
hey rachel thank you for the video i had really fun watching it ! and i want to ask you please i was looking for thescholarships in EWHA university. In scholarships for International Freshmen Students there is the "Ewha Global Partnership Program" but i dont understand what they mean by "special admission for international students" Do you have any idea what does this mean ???
Bianca He
Wow, what a room! But I now why I refused to stay in a dormitory and I stay with that even though this is.. awesome.
Ngan Le
Hi! Me and my friend want to study abroad here, i want to ask can we request roommates so that me and my friend can share the room?
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