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Ufo Over India Debunk | Time Travel Debunk - At Up-Tube.com

UFO Over India DEBUNK Time Travel DEBUNK 11 months ago   06:52

Captain Disillusion outsources the task of debunking a new UFO video to a tape of an old TV show.

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How It's Faked segment:
Written and directed by Alan Melikdjanian
Narrator - Phil Marlowe
Hoaxer - Louis Pappas

See Louis in 'The Last Hit' - http://www.hulu.com/watch/701899

The Flex Rig by CGCookie.com

Comments 1908 Comments

Sadie Kern
Ok so in the beginning “welcome CHILDREN then says the f word🤣
Shaun Bricker
5:44 what is he doing ?
This is fairly mean spirited. There was no other way you could have gotten your point across?
This should be a TV show.
CalK !
You mean floating hair dryer.
GHOST intheshell
Hey dumbass........the creator of that video admits that all his videos are fake.........the fact u don't know this means u should not even be talking about this subject.
Hermione Granger
Bruh the thumbnail looks like a flying hairdryer if there is a Similar comment under me I DIDNT KNOW
CFB 0403
0:31 he raided Area 51 without us
Frederik Krog Fredslund 5C Hedelyskolen
I mean i waste my Tim eon watching captain disillusion
Joshua Luzano
What the hell smoking in an airplane?!!!!!
Digital Prism
i dont waste my time watching this dumb ufo video i waste my time by watching someone debunk this dumb ufo video.
Amadryle Wahab
Damn it! "HOW ITS FAKED",....Good one I kinda miss the "HOW ITS MADE"
Night Latios
2016 - no
2017 - no
2018 - no
Some Asshole
Pause at 5:16
Tyranielolop Liloopa
He curses waaaaaay to much
Tyranielolop Liloopa
His inpretion was very accurate. ._.
jc3 _red
But ufo stands for unidentified flying object so a plane could be identified as a UFO
I stumbled upon your channel just now in 9/2019 and Idk how it took so long. You're doing the lords work. Also, the how its made-esque video and SNL-esque outro Are really clever and funny
Wesli Miggels
Did he just go to Area 51 without us..
Jason Baskett
You are brilliant Captain Disillusion... just brilliant. Very interisting indeed!
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Time Travel DEBUNK UFO Over India DEBUNK 11 months ago   06:11

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