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Captain Disillusion outsources the task of debunking a new UFO video to a tape of an old TV show.

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How It's Faked segment:
Written and directed by Alan Melikdjanian
Narrator - Phil Marlowe
Hoaxer - Louis Pappas

See Louis in 'The Last Hit' - http://www.hulu.com/watch/701899

The Flex Rig by CGCookie.com

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Hill Monica
anyone who paints himself like this idiot, will never be taken serious.
Hill Monica
Captian d-bag should be the name of the channel.
Hill Monica
So, you never debunked anything. Just posted your opinion. Hope the aliens take you first.
Delicious Gummy
Intro:Greetings children
Few Seconds says a Bad word
Nirjhor Kabir
how much $$$ do you earn??
5:51 what ya doin buddy?
Sam Lawry
Phone home
Forty Four
How did i miss this? Best video on YT to date all time. I am so tired of BS of YT that has devalued the REAL and legit videos.
Adolf Skroatler
The, “How It’s Made” spoof was VERY well done.
Mr. PotatoSloth
“And pass it around 1,000,000 times” 2.2 million views
Mandy Ovel
Holy frick the 1.4 million subs went to 1.5 when I clicked subscribe
Juho Ketola
This Is bad to say but Nice CGI
Zoes Dada
Well that's just silly
jesse quezada
I love this channel man
ongschannel ongschannel
UFO'S are not real
The ufo kinda looks like two cups pressed together
sonder meza
Now That was funny
Saj Tyk
Lol. Love it
Layout Games
1:57 Hjaltiiiiiiiii >:3
Channning Smith
Man you turned my my favorite show into a joke I love how it's made!
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Time Travel DEBUNK UFO Over India DEBUNK 9 months ago   06:11

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